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Q & A on Registration Cards

A competitor asks about temporary and permanent height cards. 

Question - "I recently mailed my temporary height card to the USDAA office.   As a subscriber,  I can see that my dog is now listed as permanently carded, but I haven't received the card.  Should I worry?"
Answer - When a completed temporary card is received in the office with appropriate measurements and judges' signatures, the dog's record is accessed and the status changed to permanent. 

The permanent cards are not created one at a time in the office; they are outsourced to a company in batches.  Cards are typically collected over a short period of time - two to four weeks, depending on how many come in each week - and then sent to the company for processing.   That turn-around is a relatively short 10-14 days.
Since a registration card should be presented during check-in at a show, the office is happy to send a check-in letter specifying that a permanent card is pending.   A request must be included for this letter when the temporary card is submitted.  This letter may be used to check in until such time as the permanent card is received.  

Subscribers may print off the page showing their dog(s)' information which includes the name, age, jump height and whether or not they have a permanent card and present that at check-in - another benefit of the subscriber services area on the Web site.

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