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USDAA Announces Fund-Raising Efforts by Clubs

Fund-raising efforts underway by USDAA affiliated groups and clubs.

USDAA is pleased to announce the approval of special fund-raising activities for financial support of the US. Team (competitors and coach) competing at the IFCS World Agility Championships.

Special "Run for the Gold"

A special round of competition is permitted to be held immediately following conclusion of a USDAA-sanctioned event as a fund-raiser. The run, being offered as a "Repair-It" run or "Run for the Gold", may follow the final class of the weekend at a sanctioned event, or be held separately as a non-sanctioned match when not held in conjunction with an event. Such a run is offered solely at the discretion of the organizing club or group. For such a run,

  • each competitor pays a contribution fee* for the right to compete on the course, and must legibly print and sign their name on a Team USA Contributors Class List, which will be listed on the USDAA Web site, recognizing contributors and the organizing club or group for their support.
  • by competing in a run following a sanctioned event, each competitor agrees to an extension of the terms and conditions in the General Agreement of the entry form for the event concluded, or similar terms if a sanctioned match, assuming full responsibility and liability related to their participation in the Run.
  • no credit towards titles or other USDAA awards may be earned.
  • 100% of fee will be contributed to the IFCS Team USA sponsorship fund in support of the team participation in the IFCS event in Belgium in May 2008; any unused funds will carryover to the 2010 support fund
  • collected fees should be paid to the designated club representative in the name of the club, and the club will forward these fees along with the Class List to the USDAA office, trustee for the IFCS/US Fund. If paid by check, fees shall be made payable to USDAA IFCS Team Support.

Clubs/groups should report these separately from event paperwork, but may be include the list and fees in the same packet.


Groups may also consider holding raffles in support of the team. Groups may have participants in the raffle print and sign their names to a Contributors List so that they may receive individual recognition similar to the competition round above. Absent a Contributors List related to a raffle, a general statement of recognition will be posted to the USDAA Web site recognizing the Group/Club and participating competitors.

Any questions regarding the above or direct sponsorships should be directed to the USDAA office by telephone at (972) 487-2200, or via email to:

*Contributions for this purpose are NOT tax deductible as charitable donations under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, but may be deductible in whole or in part under other provisions if deemed a valid business expense.


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