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When a Q is not a Q

Question: I recently received a letter from USDAA informing me that the qualifying score awarded to me at a show has been taken away.  How can this be?
Answer: All scores go through a quality control review in the USDAA office prior to official recording. A qualification awarded at an event is only taken away when there has been an error and it is later discovered that the minimum standards in the rules and regulations have not been met. 

It could be something as simple as an arithmetic problem or other scorekeeping error. Or, in a rare case, there may have been a mistake made by the judge that caused the minimum standards to not be met.  For example, the wrong point total could have been used in evaluating qualifications in the Gamblers class, or the judge could have used a rate below the allowable minimum for calculating standard course time. 

Competitors should always check their scores when exiting the ring, or as soon thereafter as possible.  Policy requires that scores be posted ringside for that purpose.  Many errors can be caught in this manner.

It is also good to know the standards your score has been calculated from.  For example, if you are in the Masters Standard class, and the course time is posted as 55 seconds and the course distance is 162 yards, simple math will tell you the SCT does not meet the regulations. They require a minimum of 3.00 yards per second rate (162 divided by 55 equals 2.945). Or if you are in Gamblers, if you know the total time allowed (opening plus the Joker time) is 57 seconds and your time is 57.13 seconds, you have not qualified because you were over time, even though someone may have erroneously marked it with a "Q".   In any case, should an error be found, you should bring it to the attention of the scorekeeper or judge.

The post-event review has on some occasions also awarded qualifications after-the-fact.


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