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USDAA IFCS World Agility Championships Team Competitor Suzanne Wesley

Meet a member of the 16" WAC team.  By Brenna Fender

Sonic.  Photo by Michael Loftis Photography

Suzanne Wesley lives in Pensacola, Florida with Sonic, her Miniature Poodle who will compete on the USDAA's 16" jumping team.  Suzanne works as a legal assistant and enjoys training Sonic year-round thanks to the agility-friendly weather in Pensacola.

BF: What are you doing to prepare for the WAC?

SW: Currently we are working on courses and short drill sequences from past courses [designed by] the judges who will be judging at the WAC in Belgium.  [We're also] brushing up on certain handling skills and working on endurance.  I am doing short full-out sprints with Sonic most every day in preparation for the event along with our usual conditioning exercises like swimming, short runs, walks, and so on.

BF: Which of your team's strengths do you think will come in handy in IFCS competition?

SW: One of our strengths in agility is our running dogwalk performance and our turning skills off the dogwalk.  Sonic averages 1.6 seconds on the dogwalk and that often puts him at an advantage with other dogs who have a 2o/2o performance.

BF: Tells us something about you that we don't know.

SW: I am originally from Sydney, Australia and met my husband, who was in the U.S. military, in Tokyo, Japan some 15 and a half years ago.  We got married and I moved over to the United States where I found "home".  I am now a citizen and cannot imagine living anywhere else.

BF: Do you have any comments?

SW: This is our first time on a world team and Sonic is almost five years of age.  His older, full brother Jib is also on the team and we couldn't be prouder to be running along side Suzi and Jib and our other teammate from Scottsdale, Elizazbeth Evans and Hemi.

[Editor's note: The WAC 16" team all three ran together in Scottsdale in 2007 at the Cynosport World Games!]

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