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Deja Vu and the IFCS WAC Mini Team

You may have seen this team before... By Brenna Fender

If the USDAA IFCS WAC Mini team looks comfortable running together, it's because they've done it before.  Suzanne Wesley, Suzi Cope, and Elizabeth Evans, along with their dogs Sonic, Jib, and Hemi, ran together in 2007 at the Cynosport World Games. 

Team Pyrenean Poodle Herder was formed because of an association that the women had with each other through competing in the same area.  Suzi Cope and Elizabeth Evans both live in the Dallas area and compete in the same jump height. They got to know each other while competing at a tracking test and started doing some agility training together after that.  Cope and Suzanne Wesley knew each other because they each own Poodles that came from the same breeder.  In fact, Wesley's dog has the same sire and dam as Cope's dog, but is from a different litter.  Wesley saw Jib at trials and wanted a similar little dog of her own.

Evans joined up with Wesley and Cope when Evans's usual team was unable to make it to the 2007 Games.  Team Pyrenean Poodle Herder was born!  They made it to the finals and scooped up some placements along the way.  Soon they'll be teaming up again in Belgium.  Good luck!

Suzanne and Sonic, Elizabeth and Hemi, and Suzi and Jib at the Cynosport World Games.  Photo by Michael Cope.


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