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Off to Belgium, Team USA Thanks its Sponsors

Thanks for your generous support.

As a charter member of the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS), USDAA is pleased to support the participation of a competitive team in the IFCS World Agility Championships as a means of fostering the sport's development through association with competitors and organizers from other nations. The IFCS event is held only once every two years, with this year being held in Ingelmunster, Belgium, May 9-11, 2008. 

USDAA funds team entry fees, uniforms, travel for team manager and coach, and other general expenses, totaling more than $5,000; however, team members must rely on their own resources for travel. To-date, individual, group and corporate sponsors have contributed $6,944 toward team travel; total estimated costs are more than $15,000. Contributions are being accepted through May 31. which can be made through the USDAA Store online. Visit the USDAA Store for more information.  

On behalf of all members of Team USA, we thank the following sponsors:

Platinum Level ($4,000+)

          United States Dog Agility Association, Inc.

Silver Level ($1,000 - $2,499)

        Haute Tracs Raffle & Ketch Fun Run
             (Michael Zuber & Rachel Sanders, Michelle Carrillo,
             Linda Lyman, Whitney Grant, Karey Krauter, Linda Darcy,
             Michelle Permann, Sandra Schneider, Susan Marshall,
             Eileen Ottaviani, Donald & Julie Stokes,
             Deborah Davidson-Harpur, Susan Roberts, 
             Christine Vaught, Keli Martin, Mary Van Wormer,
             Shelley Edwards, Mark & Carrie Dempsey, Ellen Finch,
             Corinne Stewart, Leslie Bickel, David & Diane Baley)
        Maine Agilitiy Show & Go

Bronze Level ($500 - $999)

       Elmay Associates(honoring accomplishments of Mike Murphy and 
             Mary Ellen Barry)
       Jeremy Gerhard
       Pals & Paws of Florida
       Canine Combustion

Blue Ribbon Level ($100 - $499)

        Beverly Melcher
        Ardis Lukens
        Lisa Dewey
        Sportphotography of Canada
        Keystone Agility Club Raffle
        Dianne Traphagen
        Rosemary Corro
        Contact Point Fun Run (Honoring accomplishments of Kate
        Moureaux & Driven)
              Nancy Soyster, Becky Walton, Sue Eastman, Lisa Dewey,
              Bob Ficarra, Kathy Marshall, Stephani Nishimoto,
              Leslie Bickel, Ann Kitchen, Mia Emhardt, Margie Hanlon
        Valerie Evans
        DASH - Dog Agility Sports of Houston
        Keith, Tracy & "Tessa Marie" Hirsch (honoring not only the team but 
              support for canine epilepsy research)
        Elaine Coupe
        Heather Septer and FreeSpirit Farms and Training Center
        Ardis Lukens (again!) and all the fans of her Stinky Dog Brownies
        Competitors at the Mid-Atlantic MADness "repair-it" run match
        Evelyn Robertson
        Stacie Greene

Friends of Team USA ($25 - $99)

        Rebecca Dean
        Metro Enter
        Joe Sare



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