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A First Glimpse at Day One IFCS Championship Courses

Today courses to be presented in Belgium.

The IFCS World Agility Championship begins today with three courses - Power & Speed, Standard Agility - Individual, and Jumping - Biathlon. 

Power & Speed, a non-championship class, presented by Cathy Slot of Australia provides the team warm-ups

Power Segment
" Consists of successfully completing the A-Frame, See-Saw, Dog Walk, Weave Poles and 
  Spread Hurdle in the prescribed order within the time set. 
" If a Course Fault, Refusal or Wrong Course occurs in the Power Segment, including 
  the Start Hurdle the competitor will be Disqualified. 
" The Judge will blow a whistle if an error is made and the Competitor shall immediately 
  leave the course (and not start the Speed segment).
" If no error is made in the Power Segment the Competitor may continue on and run
  the Speed Segment of the course.
" If the dog has not started the electronic clock for the Speed section before allocated
  time for the Power Segment is completed, the Time Keeper will sound a horn (or blow |
  a whistle) and the competitor is Disqualified.  The Competitor should leave the ring
  (and not run the Speed section). 
" Toy dogs are given 31 seconds, Mini dogs 30 seconds and Midi/Maxi dogs 25 seconds 
  to complete the Power Segment without error.

Speed Segment
" Time for the Speed Segment will commence when the dog performs the finish hurdle
  of the Power Segment
" The Speed Segment will use electronic timing
" Faults and Refusals on the speed segment are scored as in Agility.  Wrong Course
  will be penalised with Disqualification. 
" The results are scored on a Time + Faults basis from the Speed Segment
" Placings will be determined by the Competitor with the least combined time and
  faults/refusals on the Speed Segment

Standard Agility - Individual

Presented by Elena Chukhina of Russia, Standard Agility is the first of four individual classes to be awarded, as well as combined for Best All Around Individual Championship.

Jumping - Biathlon

Presented by Walter Casier of Belgium, the Jumping Biathlon course results will be combined with Saturday's Standard Agility Biathlon class for the Biathlon Championship medals.


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