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Results for GP/PNS and Steeplechase Finals posted for subscribers.

K-9 Athletes hosted their first Regional Championships in Indiana over the holiday weekend.  152 dogs were entered in Round 1 of the Grand Prix with 62 competing in Performance National.  Seventy-eight dogs made it to Round 2 in GP while 38 made it in PNS.

K. Sisak and Devo earned a finalist position in 12", N. Kleinhans with Jimmy Dean made it in 16", A. Zarr with Skylar won the 22" jump height with D. Thomas and Zippity rounding out the field in 26" for Grand Prix.

In Performance National Standard it was J. Bauchmoyer with Splash taking home the win in 8", B. Bicksler and Sydney in 12", T. Smorch with Remy in 16" and K. Wells with Houston in 22".

Steeplechase Round 2 produced 22 semifinalists from the 108 dogs competing in Round 1.

New for 2008 was the Rocky Mountain Regional, and hosting this event was the combined efforts of FRAC and Front Range Agility Team of Colorado - though not their first endeavor hosting a regional.  Eighty-two dogs were entered in GP with 59 of them competing in Round 2 where the following finalists were named:

26" - S. Peardot-Goudy & Maze
22" - M. Topps & Juice
16" - L. Michaels & Bode
12" - S. Permann & Letti

In Performance National Standard there were 48 dogs entered in Round 1 with 42 continuing to Round 2 where the following finalists were named:

22" - S. Peardot-Goudy & Able
16" - N. Lende & Meg'n
12" - K. Misegadis & Hoosier
 8" - No finalist/semifinalists

Steeplechase found no semifinalist byes earned in the 26" jump height, but 11 dogs did manage to earn spots for Scottsdale from the other jump heights.

Results for the afore-mentioned tournament classes only can be found through Subscriber Services as of this posting date.


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