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North American Regional Championships Conclude

Unofficial results for The Bay Team and DAWG hosted regionals.


Earning finalist slots in the Grand Prix are K. Elliott with Whim in 12", A. Deacon with Luka in 16", J. Basic with Sweep in 22" and R. Yi with Cap in 26" - additionally 57 semifinalists were named.

Earning finalist slots in Performance National are R. Jang with Tater, M. Fuquay with Bodee, R. James with Disco and T. Golden with Blew - additionally 35 semifinalists were named.

In Steeplechase 12" jump height 4 competitors earned semifinalist byes with K. Elliott & Whim taking first place,  in the 16" jump height 6 competitors will move into the semifinals with M. Martell & Wave taking first place.  In the open division, 22" jump height, 13 competitors will bypass the quarterfinals with W. Robertson & Jenny coming in first.  In the 26" jump height, 10 competitors earned byes with C. Fosty & Icon taking first place.

In Performance Speed, half of the 100 competitors earned qualifying scores making them eligible for the semifinals at Scottsdale.


In the Grand Prix, five semifinalists were named with K. Sisak and Devo earning first place and a finalist spot in 12".  In 16", it was V. King and Kiki taking 1st place with seven semifinalist hopefuls.  K. Terrill and Steeple won 22" with 20 semifinalists counted and in the 26" jump height C. Fosty with Icon captured a finalist slot among 10 semifinalists.

Performance National 8" winner was K. Sisak and Phoebe with one semifinalist; 12" winner was S. Nelson with Chance and 6 semifinalists.  The 16" class went to J. Hanridge with Mesa and 7 semifinalists and in 22" it was A. Mindham and Gunnar with 2 semifinalists.

Thirty-two dogs earned byes into the Steeplechase semifinals with K. Sisak & Devo sitting in first place in 12", K. Elliott & Petey winning 16", the 22" height class was won by K. Terrill & Steeple while 26" went to E. Calhoun & BreeSea.

Twenty-five of the 49 dogs entered in Performance Speed earned qualifying scores to enter the semifinals in Scottsdale.

Club Agility Chiluca in Mexico hosts the Type 2 Regional Championship September 13/14 which will conclude the 2008 tournament qualification season.  Good luck to our fellow competitors south of the border and congratuations to all qualifiers this year.


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