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2013 IFCS Championship of the Americas Results - Thursday [UPDATED]

Congratulations to the winners of today's trial! UPDATED with more photos!

Congratulations to the winners of today's trial on the eve of the first ever Championship of the Americas! To see results, click on the link below. Check back for more photos of the winners, which are coming soon!

Thursday's results

Grand Prix

1. Crackers and Andy Mueller
2. Clever and Jennifer Crank
3. Zip and Ivette White
1. Peeka and Nita Woulf
2. Mickle and Maureen Waldron
3. Zuri and Giuliana Lund
1. SoBe and Stacy Peardot-Goudy
2. Rivet and Judy Reilly
3. Vette and Terri Lee
1. Sonic and Jennifer Crank
2. Solei and Laurie Michaels
3. Keen and Marshall Clark

Performance Grand Prix

1. Corky and Jill Rossi
2. Rags and Peggy Friauf
3. Laird and Tony Bessette

1. Solo and Jennifer Siegel
2. Mickey and Tony Bessette
3. Chase and Catherine Laria


12" 1. Masher and Daneen Fox
2. Kona and Mike Padgett
3. Crackers and Andy Mueller
16" 1. Britain and Jen Pinder
2. Zuri and Giuliana Lund
3. Mickle and Maureen Waldron
22" 1. Finesse and Lisa Kucharski
2. Ares and Stuart Mah
3. Rivet and Judy Reilly
26" 1. Sonnet and Alison Warr
2. Schmutzy and Lisa Topol
3. Solei and Lori Michaels

Master Challenge Jumpers


1 Crackers and Andy Mueller

2 Masher and Daneen Fox

3 Tiki and Monique Plinck


1 Mickle and Maureen Waldron

2 Peeka and Nita Woulf

3 Idgie and Terry Herman


1 Ares and Stuart Mah

2 SoBe and Stacy Peardot-Goudy

3 Gem and Laurie Zurborg


1 Sonic and Jennifer Crank

2 Tek and Shelley Permann

3 Dandy and Natalie Kirkwood

Performance Masters Challenge Jumpers


1 Krusher and Stacy Bols

2 Laird and Tony Bessette


1 Chase and Catherine Laria

2 Heaux and Lori Hebert

3 Solo and Jennifer Siegel

(And Tim Laubach, being silly!)

Masters Challenge Standard


1 Clever and Jennifer Crank

2 Sonic and Linda Womer

3 Crackers and Andy Mueller


1 Sonic and Suzanne Wesley

2 Zuri and Giuliana Lund

3 Kaboo and Jennifer Crank


1 Ares and Stuart Mah

2 Silver and Tracy Hirsch

3 Tufley and Cathy Ottman


1 Jack and Dudley Fontaine

2 Luna and Brenda Kelly

3 Spree and Stefanie Rainer

Performance Masters Challenge

No qualifiers


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