Eligibility for Induction to "Pioneers of Dog Agility" and "Meritorious Service" categories of the Hall of Fame is determined by the "Hall of Fame Committee," which is comprised of past directors and other individuals appointed by the USDAA Board of Directors. Such persons shall have the experience necessary to provide them with both a current and historical perspective and that would enable them to fairly assess the future impact of past and present accomplishments and contributions deemed to be of lasting significance.

Nominations are received throughout the year and will be reviewed annually to evaluate the merits of nominees and to establish whether their accomplishments or contributions are impactful to the sport, regionally or nationally, and whether they are of lasting significance.

The Committee shall weigh and summarize the merits of the nomination and either to:

(1) accept and notify the nominee of their induction into the Hall of Fame,
(2) establish that the nomination has merit to be further considered and table the nomination until the following year to further evaluate the impact, significance and/or longevity of impact, or
(3) reject the nomination.

A nomination that is "tabled" to a future year must be accepted or rejected by the end of the third year following the year of receipt. A nominee may not be re-nominated following rejection until the third year following the year of rejection.