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Agility Top Ten - Prior Year Standings: Masters Snooker Class

12" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
41  Marcus, John Eve Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
38  White, Ivette Zip Jack Russell Terrier
34  Booth, Sheila Phineas All-Breed
30  McGuire, Claudia Rik Poodle-Toy
28  Womer, Linda Sonic Papillon
23  Nishimura, Yukari Simba Miniature Pinscher
23  Womer, Linda Frenzi Papillon
17  Brown, Donna Sellers Lark Pembroke Welsh Corgi
15  Shaffer, Lyn Maddie Jack Russell Terrier
14  Marcus, John Cruiser Cavalier K.C. Spaniel
13  Hunt, Deborah Taxi Papillon
13  Poling, Jeff Rex Papillon
12  Ayer, Paula Acela Shetland Sheepdog
11  Hummel, Cindy Maggie Rat Terrier
11  Keys, Courtney Francine Cardigan Welsh Corgi
11  Mueller, Andy Crackers Jack Russell Terrier
11  Collins, Arlene Jazz Papillon
10  Rossi, Jill Junie B. Cardigan Welsh Corgi
10  Mark, Lois Penny Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Pertile, Lisa Katie Papillon
Pertile, Lisa Mellie Papillon
Barker, Claudette Diggity Jack Russell Terrier
Taylor, Laurie Angel Shetland Sheepdog
Shaffer, Lyn Teddy Jack Russell Terrier
Watson, Arlene Ben Pembroke Welsh Corgi

14" Height Class

No data is available!
Special note: The 22" performance program height class was changed to the 20" class beginning January 1, 2014. Results are reported for 22" for years prior to 2014.

16" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
100  Herman, Terry Idgie Poodle-Miniature
57  Hufstader, Rusty Prudence Rat Terrier
46  Thomas, Jennifer Rodeo Shetland Sheepdog
46  Lemons, Janyes Skylar Shetland Sheepdog
42  Sollars, Karen Annie All-Breed
41  Brown, Kevin Hunter Shetland Sheepdog
33  May, David Jazz Shetland Sheepdog
32  Mantell, Marcy Wave Shetland Sheepdog
30  Bond, Jill Bozo Rat Terrier
30  Waldron, Maureen Michael Shetland Sheepdog
27  Hinckley, Scott Beta Australian Cattle Dog
27  Stiles, William Mia Keeshond
27  Rohling, Jennifer Danger All-Breed
26  McLean, Adrienne Jimmy All-Breed
25  Wooten, Ashley Bentley Shetland Sheepdog
24  Dean, Kirstie Flyr Shetland Sheepdog
23  Luggiero, Tracey Mouse Jack Russell Terrier
23  Venable, Charles Zulu Cocker Spaniel
23  Glantz, Cindy Kaylee Shetland Sheepdog
22  Gregoire, Wendreth Journey Shetland Sheepdog
22  Murphy, Patricia Missy All-Breed
22  Arose, Mary Samba Shetland Sheepdog
21  Samchuck, Nancy Niki Shetland Sheepdog
20  Miller, Laura Nelson Jack Russell Terrier
20  Bols, Stacy Krusher Miniature Schnauzer

18" Height Class

No data is available!
Special note: The 22" performance program height class was changed to the 20" class beginning January 1, 2014. Results are reported for 22" for years prior to 2014.

22" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
238  Mah, Stuart Ares Border Collie
158  Crawshaw, Wendy Charlie Border Collie
113  Grant, Mia Vic Border Collie
111  Basic, Jim Sweep Border Collie
104  Lemche, Carol Rio Border Collie
97  McCoy, Jaime Skyy Border Collie
87  Pryse, Laura Fireball Border Collie
81  Blase, Herbert Shazam!! Border Collie
80  Scelzo, Noreen Raef Border Collie
77  Grubel, David Boca Australian Shepherd
66  Peterson, Aida Malibu! Australian Shepherd
65  Anderson, Cliff Zaney Border Collie
65  Baker, Lauri Tony Border Collie
63  Barry, Mary Ellen Maizy Border Collie
61  Doepke, Jeannine Jill Border Collie
61  Bowers, Carol Deenie Border Collie
60  Calcano, Sylvia Odyssey Border Collie
56  Simpson, Paulena Renee Graphite Border Collie
56  McCormick, Dianne Hana Australian Shepherd
55  Kelly, Lawrence Ginger Border Collie
54  Butler, Kathy Hatch Golden Retriever
53  Salmon, Tiffany Chill Border Collie
51  Gyes, Nancy Mace Border Collie
49  Williams-Weaver, Windi Crush Border Collie
49  Rossi, Kelly Nitro Border Collie

26" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
75  Michalski, Robert Wings Belgian Tervuren
56  Williscroft, Ann Jill Chesapeake Bay Retriever
50  Clark, Marshall Keen Border Collie
46  Zahler, Debbie Mookie Border Collie
44  Kelly, Brenda Luna Border Collie
43  Smorch, Terry Presto Border Collie
39  Beardsley, Michelle Biz Border Collie
37  Dunn, Seth Striker Golden Retriever
36  Sanders, Rachel Gifted Border Collie
34  Rohaus, Donna Jack Border Collie
32  Chaffin, Kelly Pete Golden Retriever
31  Elson, Lonny Paxxton Border Collie
29  Berkoz, Naci Will Border Collie
28  Fardy, Kathleen Corey Labrador Retriever
28  Eifert, Anna Nevian Border Collie
27  Dusenbery, Sandy Divot Belgian Malinois
26  Brooks, Sangie Vette Border Collie
26  Herfert, Mark Fynn Belgian Malinois
25  Clement, Kathy Wik Border Collie
24  Gaiser, Candy Kyna American Foxhound
23  Seguin, Lori Dune Labrador Retriever
23  Bonsignore, Jeannie Zeke Border Collie
23  Gauntt, Janet Sequel Border Collie
23  Lawson, Joan Epic Border Collie
23  Anderson, Ashley Psi Border Collie


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