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Performance Top Ten - Current Year Standings: Jumpers Level 3 Class

8" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
Barton, Kimberly Logan Shih Tzu
Horsman, Lovanne Beau Papillon
Petersen, Richard Pete Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Gagnon, Beth Vinny Jack Russell Terrier

12" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
Lovett, Clare Trace Shetland Sheepdog
Smith, Heather Strait Miniature Schnauzer
Corley, Denise Doolin All-Breed
Kaye, Kory Daggy Shetland Sheepdog
Lether, Cindy Tash Border Terrier

16" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
Kurlander, Joan Tory Border Collie
Hasenberg, Carol Lucella Australian Shepherd
Greymont, Victoria Schatzi Australian Shepherd
Woods, Vicki Piper Border Collie
Farrelly, Fran Sophie All-Breed
Long, Lucy Vapor Border Collie
Chase, Lynn Bran Australian Shepherd
Tillman, Luann Streak Border Collie
Hunter, Roma Boulder Australian Shepherd
Kubichko, Dawn Ammo Border Collie
Durrschmidt, Lizette Caper Australian Shepherd
Painter, Mary Shooter Shetland Sheepdog
Harren, Kaitlyn Panic Border Collie
Hinds, Lindsey Neo Border Collie
Long, Lucy Vibe All-Breed
Schmidt, Sandra Breaker Shetland Sheepdog

20" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
Stein, Lauren Hailey Catahoula Leopard Dog
McCormick, Dianne Rumor Australian Shepherd
Dunn, Seth Striker Golden Retriever
Cranford, Jennifer Saint Golden Retriever
Frado, Chris Bingo German Shepherd Dog
Brothers, Amanda Foggy Catahoula Leopard Dog
Harren, Kaitlyn Jinx Border Collie

22" Height Class

No data is available!
Special note: The 22" performance program height class was changed to the 20" class beginning January 1, 2014. Results are reported for 22" for years prior to 2014.


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