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Hall of Fame

In the early 1990’s, the USDAA Board of Directors established the framework for a Hall of Fame to recognize those who have contributed to the sport’s development and growth, regionally and/or nationally. Those whose contributions are deemed to be of lasting significance through service to USDAA and the sport and/or in performance would be recognized through induction into the Hall of Fame. A Hall of Fame Committee evaluates, accepts or rejects nominations in accordance with policies and procedures established for such purpose by the Board of Directors.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame would fall into one (or more) of five categories –

  • Pioneers of Dog Agility – Those trailblazers, whose accomplishments in competition or contributions of self have contributed to the sport and the organization’s development and growth and are deemed to have lasting, historical significance, either regionally or nationally in scope, and whose accomplishments alone are deemed to be inadequately chronicled through tournament or title awards, or through a Meritorious Service Award.

  • Meritorious Service Award – Those whose contribution through voluntary service to USDAA and the sport, whether high profile or behind the scenes, whether regionally or nationally, has been noteworthy, resulting in measurable, long-term and/or significant advancement of the organization and the sport.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Those who have been awarded USDAA’s Lifetime Achievement Awards, as set forth in USDAA Rules & Regulations.

  • Tournament Champions – Champions from USDAA’s sanctioned tournament series and in competition representing USDAA in international competition.

  • Annual Top Ten Awards - Recipients of Annual Top Ten awards in USDAA’s Championship and Performance Programs, as set forth in USDAA Rules & Regulations.

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