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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Class Point
Masters Snooker 19
Dog Agility Masters Team Qualifier 22
Dog Agility Steeplechase Regional Semifinals 9
Masters Jumpers 22
Dog Agility Masters - Team Snooker 18
Dog Agility Steeplechase® - Local Qualifier - Rd 2 39
Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility Semifinals 5
Dog Agility Masters - Team Standard Agility 19
Masters Agility Standard 34
Dog Agility Masters - Team Gamblers 13
Grand Prix of Dog Agility - Local Qualifier 29
Masters Gamblers 20
MC Agility Standard 21
Masters Pairs Relay 19
Dog Agility Masters - Team Jumpers 19
MC Jumpers 30
Total Qualifying Scores 338

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