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General Event Information

The electronic Agility Test Schedule & Entry Form for this event are not available. Please download the indicated PDF file if shown below.

CLICK HERE to download Agility Test Schedule PDF file.

Event Dates:

06/30/2012 - 07/01/2012

Club Name:

The Bay Team


Manzanita Regional Park
17100 Castroville Blvd.
Prunedale, CA United States

Closing date:


2nd Closing Date:


Event Secretary:

Karey Krauter
374 Stanford Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94306 United States

Classes Being Offered:

The following class schedule has been filed for this event but is subject to change without notice.

Day 1: 06/30/2012 Judge
Standard Agility - Starters Pepper, Jelinda
Standard Level 1 Pepper, Jelinda
Standard Agility - Advanced Pepper, Jelinda
Standard Level 2 Pepper, Jelinda
Standard Agility - Masters Lovelis, Scott
Standard Level 3 Lovelis, Scott
Standard - Veterans Lovelis, Scott
Gamblers Level 1 Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers - Starters Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers - Advanced Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers Level 2 Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers Level 3 Sigman, Lynn
Gamblers - Masters Sigman, Lynn
Gamblers - Veterans Sigman, Lynn
Jumpers Level 1 Pepper, Jelinda
Jumpers - Starters Pepper, Jelinda
Jumpers Level 2 Pepper, Jelinda
Jumpers - Advanced Pepper, Jelinda
Jumpers Level 3 Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers - Masters Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers - Veterans Lovelis, Scott
Snooker Level 1 Pepper, Jelinda
Snooker - Starters Pepper, Jelinda
Snooker - Advanced Pepper, Jelinda
Snooker Level 2 Pepper, Jelinda
Snooker - Masters Lovelis, Scott
Snooker Level 3 Lovelis, Scott
Snooker - Veterans Lovelis, Scott
Pairs Relay Level 1 Sigman, Lynn
Pairs Relay - Starters Sigman, Lynn
Pairs Relay Level 2 Sigman, Lynn
Pairs Relay - Advanced Sigman, Lynn
Pairs Relay - Masters Sigman, Lynn
Pairs Relay Level 3 Sigman, Lynn
Dog Agility Steeplechase® - Local Qualifier - Rd 1 Sigman, Lynn
Performance Speed Jumping - Local Qualifier - Rd 1 Sigman, Lynn
Veteran Relay (Non-titling) Sigman, Lynn
Day 2: 07/01/2012 Judge
Standard Agility - Starters Lovelis, Scott
Standard Level 1 Lovelis, Scott
Standard Level 2 Sigman, Lynn
Standard Agility - Advanced Sigman, Lynn
Standard Level 3 Sigman, Lynn
Standard Agility - Masters Sigman, Lynn
Standard - Veterans Sigman, Lynn
Gamblers - Starters Lovelis, Scott
Gamblers Level 1 Lovelis, Scott
Gamblers - Advanced Lovelis, Scott
Gamblers Level 2 Lovelis, Scott
Gamblers - Masters Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers Level 3 Pepper, Jelinda
Gamblers - Veterans Pepper, Jelinda
Jumpers - Starters Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers Level 1 Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers Level 2 Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers - Advanced Lovelis, Scott
Jumpers Level 3 Sigman, Lynn
Jumpers - Masters Sigman, Lynn
Jumpers - Veterans Sigman, Lynn
Performance Grand Prix - Local Qualifier Pepper, Jelinda
Grand Prix of Dog Agility - Local Qualifier Pepper, Jelinda
Performance Speed Jumping - Local Qualifier - Rd 2 Pepper, Jelinda
Dog Agility Steeplechase® - Local Qualifier - Rd 2 Pepper, Jelinda


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