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General Event Information

The electronic Agility Test Schedule & Entry Form for this event are not available. Please download the indicated PDF file if shown below.

CLICK HERE to download Agility Test Schedule PDF file.

Event Dates:

05/11/2017 - 05/14/2017

Club Name:

West Valley Dog Sports


Camarillo Community Center & Park
1605 Burnley Street
Camarillo, CA United States

Closing date:


2nd Closing Date:


Event Secretary:

Jessica Brown
3780 W Kent Drive
Chandler, AZ 85226 United States

Planned Class Schedule:

The following class schedule has been filed for this event but is subject to change without notice.

Day 1: 05/11/2017 Judge
Masters Challenge - Standard Agility Robertson, Evelyn
Masters Challenge - Standard Performance Robertson, Evelyn
Masters Challenge - Jumpers Donnell, Kim
Masters Challenge - Performance Jumpers Donnell, Kim
Grand Prix of Dog Agility - Local Qualifier Robertson, Evelyn
Performance Grand Prix - Local Qualifier Robertson, Evelyn
Dog Agility Steeplechase® - Local Qualifier - Rd 1 Donnell, Kim
Performance Speed Jumping - Local Qualifier - Rd 1 Donnell, Kim
Day 2: 05/12/2017 Judge
Masters Gamblers Drom, Patty
Gamblers Level 3 Drom, Patty
Dog Agility Masters - Team Standard Agility Drom, Patty
Dog Agility Masters - Team Gamblers Donnell, Kim
Dog Agility Masters - Team Jumpers Robertson, Evelyn
Performance Versatility Standard Drom, Patty
Performance Versatility Gamblers Donnell, Kim
Performance Versatility Jumping Robertson, Evelyn
Dog Agility Steeplechase Regional Semifinals Robertson, Evelyn
Performance Speed Jumping Regional Semifinals Robertson, Evelyn
Veterans Gamblers Drom, Patty
Masters Challenge Biathlon Donnell, Kim
Performance Challenge Biathlon Donnell, Kim
Day 3: 05/13/2017 Judge
Dog Agility Masters - Team Snooker Robertson, Evelyn
Dog Agility Masters - Three-Dog Relay Donnell, Kim
Performance Versatility Snooker Robertson, Evelyn
Performance Versatility Relay Donnell, Kim
Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility Semifinals Donnell, Kim
Performance Grand Prix Regional Semifinals Donnell, Kim
Day 4: 05/14/2017 Judge
Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility Finals Drom, Patty
Performance Grand Prix Regional Finals Drom, Patty
Dog Agility Steeplechase Regional Finals Robertson, Evelyn
Performance Speed Jumping Regional Finals Robertson, Evelyn


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