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Judges' Briefing eNewsletter
  • Judges' Briefing - Volume 1, No. 3
    in this issue, a case study on how to transition from Masters Challenge to Masters course.  The general process for transitioning applies to all levels of courses, demonstrating the many steps a judge should consider in making a sound transition. 
  • Judges' Briefing - Volume 1, No. 2
    In this issue, the use of select elements in masters challenge courses can be used in masters and possibly advanced level courses if adapted properly.  A key component is the flow, and establishing whether collection is required during performance, or if dog can reasonably perform the sequence with open stride.  Use of spacing and angles of approach are critical components.
  • Judges' Briefing - Volume 1, No. 1
    In this issue, the differences between Masters and Masters Challenge course design criteria are discussed.
Special Publications
  • Overview eNews 2015-August
    In this issue, USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch's letter, discussing when your dog is ready for competition, how to achieve independent weave pole performance, a recap of the Northeast Regional and recent Judging Clinic as well as the event calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2015 - July
    This issue includes USDAA President, Kenneth Tatsch's monthly column, the history of "themed" Snooker courses, the newest member of USDAA's Hall of Fame, a recap of the Rocky Mountain Regional, how to train for handler focus and the event calendar.
  • Overview eNews 2015-June
    In this issue, the President's letter includes a recap of the Mid-Atlantic Regional and Keystone's 25th Anniversary, a "Not Memorial Day" event, handling discriminations, cross training and conditioning your dog, a judging clinic reminder, reaching your goals and the event calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2015 May Issue
    This issue includes: a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch; articles about Twister Agility's first USDAA trial, training distance for Gamblers classes, USDAA's new Advisory Committee, and writing for; and a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Overview eNews 2015 - April
    In this issue: a letter by USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, a recap of the 2015 IFCS  World Agility Championships, a salute to the Top Ten winners, a training exercise based on an IFCS weave/tunnel discrimination, an event report from the 2015 North Central Regional and an event report.
  • Overview eNews 2015 - March
    In this issue: a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, group spotlight with Virginia Ruff Riders, IFCS World Agility Team news, a tunnel discrimination training exercise, an article on hotel etiquette, and a calendar of events.
  • Overview eNews 2015 - February
    In this issue: a letter from USDAA president Kenneth Tatsch, an article about Ken being listed as one of 45 people who changed the dog world, info on pet dental health month, a training exercise on learning to use pressure on course, a scientific article about jealousy in dogs, info on the IFCS World Agility Championships Team USA, and an event calendar. 
  • Overview eNews 2015 - January
    In his issue: a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, an event report from the 2015 Wild West Regional Championships, an introduction of USDAA's new partnership with Zuke's, fun snowman-themed exercises, an article about making agility-related New Year's resolutions, information about fundraising for the USDAA/IFCS World Agility Championships Team USA and an event calendar. 
  • Overview eNews 2014 - December
    In this issue: a letter from the President, an event report from the Continental Championship of the Americas, a training exercise on threadles, an announcement of new course reviewers, a scientific article about how dogs evaluate petting vs. praise, and an event listing. 
  • Overview eNews 2014 - October/November
    In this issue: a letter from the President, an event report from the 2014 Cynosport World Games, training exercises for contacts and weave poles, USDAA Hall of Fame announcement, an article on a USDAA informational seminar, and an event listing. 
  • Overview eNews - 2014 September Issue
    This issue includes a letter by USDAA Vice President Andy Hartman, an event report on the 2014 Eastern Canada Regional Championships, training exercises with work stations, a 2014 Hall of Fame announcement, a story about attending the 2014 Mexico Regional Championships, and an event calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 August Issue
    This issue includes a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, and event report from BARK-NH's July trial, a training article about Gamblers strategy and practice, an article about West Valley Dog Sports' 25th anniversary, a scientific article about the link between paw preference and agility performance, and an events calendar.  
  • Overview eNews - 2014 July
    This issue includes a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch discussing clubs reaching their 25th anniversary and the Hall of Fame, an event report, practice courses with work stations, details about the 2015 Cynosport World Games, 2015 Regionals, and 2015 tournament rules, and more.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 June
    This issue included a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, a report on the 2014 Southeastern Regional Championships, training exercises on contact and weave entries, an update on USDAA agility's return to Guatemala, a scientific look at attention changes in dogs, and an event listing.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 May Special Issue
    Issue included a letter by Kenneth Tatsch, a 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships overview, IFCS World Agility Championships video on demand information, training exercises based on the IFCS World Agility Championships Jumping Individual course, and a variety of event photos.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 May
    This issue includes a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, a 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships Team primer, IFCS World Agility Championships live stream and video on demand information, and an IFCS World Agility Championships schedule.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 April
    This issue includes a letter from USDAA President Ken Tatsch, a training exercise (Dot and Dash), a scientific look at whether dogs can learn from eavesdropping, a review of the 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships team practice, a social media update, and an events calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 March
    Contains a letter from Andy Hartman, Training Corner: Weaves and Serpentines by Elizabeth Dott, a scientific article about a Border Collie that understands over 1,000 object names, a report on NOMAD's Intro-Only trial, and an events calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2014 January & February
    Newsletter includes a letter from USDAA's President Kenneth Tatsch, training exercises for tunnels and tables, an event report on BARK's trial, an article on agility goal setting and resolutions, and an event calendar.
  • Overview eNews - 2013 December Edition
    Issue includes a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, an article about a club supporting those new to USDAA, a training article called "Twice as Nice," a report on the IFCS Championship in Asia, a look at the Masters Challenge classes, and an event entry report.
  • Overview Newsletter - 2013 November Edition
    This issue includes a President's letter, a Cynosport World Games report, training exercises (Doodles), the announcement of the new IFCS World Championship team members, a scientific article about dogs engaging in riskier behavior when their self control is depleted, and an upcoming events calendar.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 October Edition
    President's letter, Cynosport judges biographies, training exercises teaching the opposite side of the tunnel, Mexico Regional Championships report, Cynosport practice: The Long Jump, event calendar.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 August/September Edition
    In this issue: letter by USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch including new IFCS rules, an article about the beginnings of the NEAT agility group, a training exercise by Deborah Davidson Harpur, a recap of the Eastern Canada Regional Championships, an article about a new sport called "Canicross," and an event calendar.  
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 July Edition
    In this issue: a letter by USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, a scientific review on how dogs think and learn, training exercises teaching turns and crosses, a New England Regional report, a personality profile of Rachel Sanders, and an event listing.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 June Edition
    In this newsletter, read a letter from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, an article about social referencing with dogs and their owners, a training exercise working weave pole entries, an article about the Rocky Mountain Regional and a salute to the 2013 Spirit of Agility award winner.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 May Edition
    In this issue, read a message from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, check out IFCS Championships Continental Championship of the Americas results, try a tunnel training exercise, read an event report from Playing Agility With Style (PAWS), learn about a new form of animal communication discovered.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 April Edition
    Article about the 2013 South Central Regional, an exercise on training serpentines, wraps, and threadles with Stuart Mah, a report on a recent judging clinic in Arizona, an article on new studies about how dog's perceive human communications, and more.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 March Edition
    In this issue, read a message from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, a Paws in Motion event report, learn how to handle a course many different ways in the Training Corner (Clever Clover course), read a 2013 Southwestern Regional Championships report, learn "Why Wolves are Wild But Dogs are Man's Best Friend," and more.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 February Edition
    In this issue, a BARK-NH trial event report, training exercises from Marla Friedler-Cooper, an article about environmental factors of hip dysplasia, introduction of the IFCS Europe team, and more.
  • OverVIEW eNews - 2013 January Edition
    In this issue, January Board meeting update, it's Christmas in Kerrville, Claudia Bensimoun studies Stress in Performance Dogs, and more. 
  • OVERview eNews - 2012 December Edition
    In this issue, the year in review, a look at USDAA dog agility in Singapore, working in "intersections" in the Training Corner,  one competitor's bumpy road to an ADCH, and a look at the "Breakfast Effect".   
  • OVERview eNews - 2012 November Edition
    In this issue, take a look at the meaning of the new tournament regulations as they relate to course design, share the fun experienced at a New England event, compare the impact of handler strategy in the Training Corner, discussing Front Cross vs. Shoulder Turn, look inside the life of Elicia Calhoun in this month's Personality Profile, and more.
  • OVERview eNews - 2012 October Edition
    In this issue, reflect on USDAA and dog agility's history in North America, get a quick overview of the 2012 dog agility championships and a look at one of the more interesting courses from the weekend, and learn about the 2013 USDAA tournament rules and 2014 IFCS World Team qualification criteria.
  • OVERview eNews - 2012 September Edition
    Learn about Para-Agility and how agility has been embraced by the disabled, IFCS events for 2013 & 2014, try out an exercise or two for practicing the table in the Training Corner, enjoy a visit with Tom Kula on Cynosport® 2012, learn about "Pink Day" - a Charity Team Day, what you should know about water from your garden hose, and more.
  • OVERview eNews - 2012 August Edition
    Introduction issue, featuring Acquisition of Rally Obedience Program, Event Report from the New England Regional, Practice your Poles Training Exercise, Personality Profile of Cozette McGuire (PA), the mportant nutrient of water, and Experiences of a "Host Dog" Mom.
  • USDAA OverviewTM Newsletter
    Winter 2011 Edition - Volume 6, No. 4, published December 2011
  • USDAA OverviewTM Newsletter
    Fall 2011 Edition - Volume 6, No. 3, published October 2011
  • USDAA OverviewTM Newsletter
    Summer 2011 Edition - Volume 6, No. 2, published July 2011
  • USDAA OverviewTM Newsletter
    Spring 2011 Edition - Volume 6, No. 1, published March 2011
  • USDAA OverviewTM Newsletter
    Autumn 2010 Edition - Volume 5, No. 4, published November 2010
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Summer/Fall 2010 Edition - Volume 5, No. 3, published August 2010
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Spring 2010 Edition - Volume 5, No. 2, published May 2010
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Winter 2010 Edition - Volume 5, No. 1, published February 2010
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Fall 2009 Edition - Volume 4, No. 4, published November 2009
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Spring 2009 Edition - Volume 4, No. 2, published May 2009
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Winter 2009 Edition - Volume 4, No. 1, published February 2009
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Autumn 2008 Edition - Volume 3, No. 4, published November 2008
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Summer 2008 Edition - Volume 3, No.3, published August 2008
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Spring 2008 Edition - Volume 3, No.2, published May 2008
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Winter 2008 Edition - Volume 3, No. 1, published February 2008
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Autumn 2007 Edition - Volume 2, No. 4, published November 2007 
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Summer 2007 Edition - Volume 2, No. 3, published August 2007
  • USDAA OVERviewTM Newsletter
    Spring 2007 Edition, Volume 2, No. 2, published May 2007
  • USDAA OVERview Newsletter
    Winter 2007 Edition, Volume 2, No. 1, published February 2007
  • USDAA OVERview Newsletter
    Autum 2006 Edition, Volume 1, No. 1, published October 2006
Tournament Rules IFCS Team Documents
  • 2016 IFCS Team USA Documents
    This document contains the 2016 World Team Selection Process, the qualification requirements for the 2016 World Team Selection Event, and the 2016 Intent To Compete Form.
Official Rules & Regulations eBook (ADOBE ACROBAT/ READER REQUIRED) Official USDAA Policy Statements Enrollment Forms
  • USDAA Rules & Course Design Clinic
    Check Events Calendar for clinics. Learn the "ins" and "outs" of the sport. Ideal for training instructors and advanced trainers who want to understand what the judges are taught. Rules interpretation, course design elements and more. . . Optional test.
Administrative Forms & Documents
  • Certified Measuring Judge List - UPDATED June 2015
    This list will enable you to check out who the CMJs are.
  • Hall of Fame Nomination Form
    Know someone who has contributed to the lasting legacy of USDAA or the sport?  Nominate them for the Dog Agility Hall of Fame.
  • Jump Height Title Transfer Election Form
    Form submission date extended to Friday, January 31, 2014 to be eligible for this transfer election.
  • Disciplinary Action Complaint Form
    Disciplinary Action Committee Chairperson should use this form to report incidents or complaints at an event which do or do not result in a committee hearing.  If a hearing is held, decisions rendered by the committee shall be reported using this form.  Guidelines found in Appendix C apply.
  • How To Read The Score Sheets
    Competitors will find this simple explanation helpful in reading the score sheets posted for each class.
  • Group Licensing Agreement & Affiliation Requirements
    USDAA's Group Affiliation & Licensing Agreement and related information for conduct of a sanctioned match for groups seeking to become a USDAA "Licensed Group". Original multi-copy forms should be requested from the USDAA office at in order to begin the application process.
  • Sanctioned Match Application
    Submit this form along with the Group Application.
  • Dog/JH Registration Form
    If you cannot register online, then complete and mail in this form to register your dog for competition or a Junior Handler & Dog team for participation in the Junior Handler Program.
  • Transfer of Ownership Form
    Use this form to transfer ownership of a dog registration to a new owner.
  • Junior Handler Examination
    Junior handler's examination, 14 sample questions and answer key, to be used at events where Junior Handler Program classes are offered. Examination of 10 true/false questions is required to be administered to beginner level entrants.
  • Injury Reporting Form
    Use this form to report injuries to dogs, whether in competition, training or arising from other activities with possible links to performance in dog agility.
Podcast Library

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