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April 13-17, 2016
Laag-Soeren, Netherlands



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The Program (Tentative)

Watch the live stream on www.cynosport.tv. All times
are approximate and are shown in Central European
Time Zone-UTC(GMT)+1.

Wednesday, 13, April 2016
08:00 - Check-in and measure
10:00 - Judges Meeting
11:15 - Team Managers Meeting
12:00 - Opening Ceremony
14:00 - Agility Standard-Biathlon-Individual
19:00 - Competitors' Welcome Dinner

Thursday, 14, April 2016
09:00 - Snooker-Individual
13:45 - Jumping-Triathlon
17:45 - Medal Presentation

Friday, 15, April 2016
09:00 - Agility Standard - Individual
13:45 - Jumping - Individual
17:45 - Medal Presentation

Saturday, 16, April 201
09:00 - Gamblers - Individual
13:45 - Standard Agility - Team Triathlon
17:45 - Medal Presentation

Sunday, 17, April 2016
09:00 - Jumping - Biathlon - Individual
13:45 - 3-Dog Team Relay-Team Triathlon
17:00 - Medal Presentations
18:00 - Closing Ceremony

Event Location

Manege De Spreng
Priesnitzlaan 17
6957 DD Laag-Soeren, Netherlands

Other Key Links

The links below are documents containing the IFCS WAC 2016 Event Regulation and overall Agility Regulations:

Find Team USA and Live Stream Information at the following Links:




Support Opportunities

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Show your support for Team USA with a tax-deductible contribution of $25 and receive a free Team USA 2016 lapel pin.


Help us reach our goal to assist Team USA in their travel to international competition to represent our country. Costs for a team of 20 exceeds $50,000. All sponsorships and contributions go to United States Association of Cynological Sports, a nonprofit corporation with tax exampt, charitable status, whose purpose is to support international amateur sports in sports with dogs. Contributions are tax deductible as charitable donations pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Contributions and sponsorship funds may also be sent via check or money order to USACS, P.O. Box 940225, Plano, TX 75094-0225, or via PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button above.

Team Members

Team members were selected based on scores from the 2016 IFCS World Agility Championship Team Selection Trial and the 2015 Cynosport® World Games.

30cm Class
Joy Mercier & Chiquita
Yukari Nishimura & Simba
Laurie Zurborg & Rodent
Andy Mueller & Crackers
Linda Womer & Sonic

40cm Class  
Marcy Mantell & Stripe
Karen Beattie Massey & Bella
Mike Padgett & Elsie
Chip Gerfen & Trudi
Janyes Lemons & Skylar - Alternate

55cm Class
Catherine Laria & Blizzard
Chis Tucci & Bratska
Brend Kelly & Deja Vu
Kerry Smith & Hype
Kate Moureaux & Smart
Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble

65cm Class
Melanie Miller & Grit
Shane Miller & Luna
Desiree Snelleman & Pace
Jamie Herren & Zip
Jody Lolich & Skillz
Rachel Sanders & Gifted - Alternate


From World Team Selection Trials - January 2016
Selected at Cynosport World Games - October 2015

United States Association of Cynological Sports is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation, dedicated to support of international amateur sports with dogs. Contributions made beginning September 14, 2014, are tax deductible as charitable donations. USACS funds are used in support of representation of the United States of America at international canine sports events.

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