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August 2015

08/03/15 USDAA Hall of Fame - Call for Nominations
Now's the time to think about acknowledging the dedicated USDAA people in your area.

July 2015

07/31/15 You Gonna Eat That?
Dogs tastes differ from ours and can sometimes get them into trouble. Zukes resident on-call veterinarian, Dr. Jen Deming, DVM explains.
07/30/15 Gazing Off Into the Distance
Depending on the type and level of training a dog has will depend on if they are able to follow a human gaze into the distance. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/30/15 Have you moved?
Remember to update your contact information in Competitor Services.
07/29/15 Family Fights - Agression Between Pack Members
The first in a four-part series on managing and reintegrating pack members after a fight. By Sara Reusche
07/28/15 Teaching Peek
Take a peek at this handy skill! By Brenna Fender
07/27/15 Is Training Becoming Obsolete?
What really constitutes your dog being "ready" to trial. By Stacy Goudy
07/24/15 Congratulation to Our New USDAA Judges!
It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a USDAA judge. By Andy Hartman
07/23/15 Overcoming Medical Issues to Compete Again
In follow up to Dr. Shaffer's article yesterday, Deb Harpur describes the changes she made to still compete with Rickie Roo.
07/22/15 Preparing for Unexpected Medical Issues
Genetic testing can help you identify an emergency medical situation quickly. By Dr. Lisa Shaffer 
07/21/15 You Can Train Independent Weaves
Nothing says pure agility better than a smooth and powerful weave pole performance. By Julie Daniels
07/20/15 Interval Training Tips
Interval training is the best, most effective way to create and maintain fitness in dogs. By Mikkel Becker
07/17/15 DAWG Teaches Homeschoolers About Dogs
Educating children on canine body language basics are skills that will last a lifetime. By Brenna Fender
07/16/15 Independent Start Lines
An independent start line is essential in agility and proofing them with games makes it fun for everyone! By Alicia Nicholas
07/15/15 Competitor Spotlight - Maureen Hughes
Get to know this highly successful and incredibly laid-back team. By Tamar Fuhrer
07/15/15 Advisory Committee Update
If you're interested in participating, please respond by this Friday, July 17.
07/14/15 Training an Independent Table Performance
Training and maintaining a reliable table performance can be fun and rewarding. By Helen Grinnell King
07/13/15 2015 New England Regional Courses
Check out some of the courses competitors ran from this past weekend
07/13/15 2015 New England Regional Champions!
Congratulations to all the winners!
07/10/15 Endurance Nutrition
The right food and treats and help give our dogs the endurance needed for competition.
07/09/15 How Doga and Pilates Can Benefit Active Dogs
Finding was to relax before, during or after competition can benefit both you and your dog. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/08/15 Event Report: GO! Dog Agility, San Diego
A great surface, terrific weather, fun atmosphere and agility enthusiasts from around the southwest supported their inaugural event. By Tamar Fuhrer
07/08/15 The Latest USDAA Newsletter in Now Online!
Check out all the great information in the June issue of the USDAA OVERview!
07/07/15 Handler Focus: Putting it all Together
In her final article on handler focus, Elizabeth Dott explains how to put your new skills to the test on a Snooker course.
07/07/15 Free New England Regional Live Stream this weekend
Coverage will begin at approximately 1 p.m. EDT on Friday.
07/06/15 More Snooker Themes
Check out some more creative, challenging and festive Snooker courses.
07/02/15 Getting and Keeping Volunteers
Tips clubs can use to encourage volunteering at their trials. By Brenna Fender
07/01/15 Theme "Snooker"
Designing Snooker courses around a certain theme keeps things fun and challenging. By Stuart Mah

June 2015

06/30/15 Handler Focus: Adding Obstacles
In part three of this series, Elizabeth Dott shows you how to work on handler focus around obstacles and how to teach moving between handler focus and obstacle focus. 
06/29/15 Rocky Mountain Regional Recap
Hosted by Wasatch Agility, competitors thoroughly enjoyed attending this great event.
06/26/15 Cross Your Dog
Check out this great Masters Challenge course, then work on your crosses on a small course segment that you can fit in your training building or yard. By Brenna Fender
06/25/15 Welcome the Newest USDAA Hall of Fame Member
Coleen Hawker from Wasatch Agility was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Rocky Mountain Regional.
06/24/15 Event Report: NOMAD's Stowe, Vermont Trial
Making memories in a mountain meadow! By John Marcus
06/23/15 2015 Rocky Mountain Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Regional Championships!
06/23/15 Handler Focus: The Next Step
This week we are continuing our handler focus training, asking our dogs to come "into" us rather than working away. Part two in a four-part series by Elizabeth Dott.
06/22/15 2015 Rocky Mountain Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from the Regional!
06/19/15 Swim Season - Treating Canine Ear Infections Naturally
Canine frequent swimmers can get help from easy-to-find natural ingredients. 
06/18/15 Fatherhood and Agility
Father's Day is around the corner, so we are celebrating dads in agility! By Brenna Fender
06/17/15 USDAA Message
USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch takes a look back on Keystone Agility Club's early years, and more.
06/16/15 Introduction to Handler Focus
Elizabeth Dott begins a four-part series teaching you how to get your dog to work close. 
06/16/15 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
06/15/15 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships Courses
See the finals courses run by competitors at the recent Regional Championship!
06/12/15 Hot Dogs: Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke in Dogs
As the summer heats up, keep your dog safe. By Dr. Jennifer Deming, DVM, courtesy of Zuke's.
06/11/15 Training a Deaf Dog
Cindy Perry shares how she's had agility success with her deaf dog. 
06/10/15 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships Live Stream
Watch some amazing agility this weekend on our free live stream!
06/09/15 2015 Southeast Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
06/09/15 Handling Discriminations on Course Part 2
Deborah Davidson Harpur presents another course (based on last week's layout so you don't have to move anything!) designed to test your dog's discrimination skills. Check out this analysis, complete with handling options.
06/08/15 2015 Southeast Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses run by competitors at the 2015 Southeast Regional Championships.
06/05/15 Canine Cancer Clinical Trials May Help Humans
New research unites canine and human medicine. 
06/03/15 Event Report: Not Memorial Day Trial
John Marcus reports on the Riverside Canine Center of New Hampshire's Not Memorial Day Memorial Day Weekend trial. 
06/02/15 Handling Discriminations on Course
Deborah Davidson Harpur presents a course designed to test your dog's discrimination skills and suggests ways to handle it, including many front and rear cross options. 
06/01/15 The Latest USDAA Newsletter is Now Online!
See the May issue of the USDAA Overview!
06/01/15 USDAA Message
A letter from USDAA president Kenneth Tatsch.

May 2015

05/29/15 Nearly Nested Courses
Starters, Advanced, and Masters courses with minimal obstacle movement.
05/28/15 Getting Ahead
How can you reach your goals? By Kenneth Tatsch
05/27/15 Cross Training and Conditioning the Canine Athlete
Help your dog get fit! Article and photos by Melanie Behrens.
05/26/15 Training Distance for Gamblers Part 3
Some final tips in our Gamblers series. By Alicia Nicholas
05/25/15 2015 Pacific Northwest Regional Championships
Congratulations to all the winners!
05/24/15 2015 Pacific Northwest Regional Championships Courses
See the courses run each day at the event!
05/21/15 Riverside Canine's First Annual Strategy Cup
It's all about the games! By John Marcus
05/20/15 2015 Central Regional-Costa Rica Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
05/19/15 Training Distance for Gamblers Part 2
Handling at a distance by Alicia Nicholas.
05/19/15 New Advisory Committee
USDAA is forming a new Advisory Committee.
05/18/15 Twister Agility Hosts First Regional
Competitors from around the country had a great time at The Plains Regional, hosted by this hard-working group.
05/17/15 2015 Central America-Costa Rica Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from this event.
05/15/15 Thank You Team USA Supporters!
Our success is because of your generous donations.
05/14/15 Dogs Know That Smile on Your Face
A scientific study confirms that dogs can recognize human emotions through facial expressions. By Claudia Bensimoun
05/13/15 A.C.E. Agility's 25th Anniversary
A.C.E. Agility celebrates 25 years of USDAA trials. 
05/12/15 Training Distance for Gamblers
Learn how to train the "lateral push" for distance work. By Alicia Nicholas
05/11/15 2015 Plains Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
05/10/15 2015 Plains Regional Championships Courses
Good luck to all Plains Regional competitors! 
05/07/15 Motherhood and Agility
Moms find children and agility to be a mix of challenge and reward. By Brenna Fender
05/06/15 Welcome GameOn K9 Agility!
GameOn K9 Agility offered an Intro trial as their first USDAA agility event. By Jamie McKay CPDT KSA
05/05/15 How to Plan a Successful Opening in Gamblers Part 3
Part 3: Check Your Understanding of Planning a Gamblers Opening. Learn about time gambles and more! By Alicia Nicholas
05/04/15 Agility Trial Wedding
Happy 1st anniversary to long-time USDAA judge Lynn Sigman and Greg Morgoglione. Learn more about their agility trial wedding! By Pam Jacoby

April 2015

04/21/15 Calling all Agility Trainers, Judges and Authors!
We are always getting calls with training questions and need your help to provide quality information.

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