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February 2016

02/12/16 Heartwarming Video About the Power of Finding the Right Dog
They say the right person always finds the right dog for them. A powerful new short film illustrates this perfectly!
02/11/16 Amendments to Rules and Policy Statements
Our thanks to the Advisory Committee on their review, input and discussion on these topics. 
02/11/16 From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs - Part 3
The third of a multi-part series featuring a chapter from the book, "From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs."
02/10/16 Why Do Dogs Have Bad Breath?
It's more than just annoying for dog owners - bad breath from your dog can indicate some serious health conditions.
02/09/16 Training Tuesday - Tips to Create a Solid Recall
For today's Training Tuesday article, we look at the all-important recall behavior for our dogs.
02/08/16 Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?
A new study researches a dog's cognitive functions and ability to learn based on age group.
02/05/16 Emergency Plan in the Event of a Lost Dog
Shannon Viljasoo and Carol Lawrence of McCann's Dogs present an important plan for dealing with finding a lost dog.
02/05/16 A Sad Loss for the Agility Community
Arthur (Artie) Weiss passed away Feb. 1st. 
02/04/16 From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs - Part 2
The second of a multi-part series featuring a chapter from the book, "From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs."
02/03/16 Reading Your Dog's Food Labels
There are five key items to look for when reviewing a dog food label.
02/02/16 Using Food in Dog Training - Bribery Vs. Reward
For today's installment of Training Tuesdays, Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs, discusses the difference in training between bribing dogs with food and rewarding them for a job well done.

January 2016

01/29/16 Is Your Ice Melt Product Safe for Your Dog?
With all the snow the East Coast received, ice melt is a product many of us will be using. Make sure your brand is truly pet safe.
01/28/16 From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs
The first of a multi-part series featuring a chapter from the book, "From the Ground Up: Agility Foundation Training for Puppies and Beginner Dogs."
01/28/16 2016 IFCS World Team Members Named
Congratulations to all the members of the 2016 IFCS Team USA!
01/27/16 President's Message
A message from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch from this month's Overview newsletter.
01/26/16 Training Tuesday - Moving Towards Mastery: Change Paths to Challenge Your Handling
Steve Schwarz of Agility Nerd discusses the benefits of running a dog through a sequence that isn't the best.
01/25/16 IFCS USDAA World Team Selection Event Results
Team USA selection trials were held this past weekend, January 22-24, in Belton, Texas.
01/22/16 Changing Pet's Lives for the Better
January 24th is National Change a Pet's Life Day. We look at some individuals who have changed dogs' lives for the better.
01/21/16 Dog Bite Prevention and Teaching Children Proper Meetings
Do you know how to coach children how to properly greet your dogs? Here's some helpful tips from Doggone Safe and the AVMA.
01/20/16 The latest USDAA Newsletter is Online
There's lots of great information in the January issue!
01/19/16 World Team Selection Event Live-Stream Coverage
Information on watching the World Team Selection Event from your home or office!
01/18/16 Improve Your Dog's Health with Veggies!
Adding fresh vegetables to your dog's meal can improve their health (and reduce waste!)
01/15/16 Paralyzed Dogs Have Hope With New Research
The American Animal Hospital Association reports on new research to help paralyzed dogs to walk again.
01/14/16 Science Confirms It - Your Dog Knows What You're Feeling
A new study finds that dogs use their senses to recognize human emotions.
01/13/16 Top Toxins for Pets By State
Have you ever wondered what toxin most often affects pets in your state?
01/12/16 New Years Resolutions in Dog Training
For Training Tuesdays, Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs, puts New Year's resolutions on the table to set us up for success in 2016.
01/11/16 Clean Run Course Designer: Not Just for Judges
Clean Run Course Designer is the worlds most popular software for designing and sharing dog agility courses and exercises.
01/08/16 Cold Weather Tips for Dog Care
Winter weather, just like hot summer weather, can present health hazards for dogs. 
01/07/16 Dogs Have Been Man's Best Friend for Even Longer Than Once Thought
A new study by scientists has found that dogs have been with humans far, far longer than we previously had theorized.
01/06/16 Dogs Shed More in the Winter and Spring
Have you noticed an increase in your dog's shedding now that we're in the midst of winter?
01/05/16 2016 Wild West Regional Champions!
Congratulations to all of our winners!
01/04/16 Wild West Regional Course Maps
Check out some of the courses run by USDAA competitors this past weekend in Tempe AZ!


December 2015

12/30/15 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Dog
If you ever struggled to take good photos of your dog, a famed dog photographer provides some tips.
12/28/15 Are Dogs Really Sloppy Drinkers? Scientists Say No!
A new study by scientists demonstrates that dogs actually have very precise drinking methods.
12/24/15 Happy Holidays from the USDAA
The USDAA wishes everyone a happy holiday!
12/23/15 An Inspiring Documentary on the Power of Working with Dogs
Second Chances is a new documentary about a prison dog training program and how it transforms lives for the better.
12/22/15 A New Interest In Dogs By Scientists Helps Humans
A new article in the Wall Street Journal presents some of the latest research on dogs, and how its improving human as well as dog lives.
12/21/15 USDAA President's Message
A message from USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch from this month's Overview newsletter.
12/21/15 Thank You to Retiring Judge Darlene Woz!
A tribute to retiring judge Darlene Woz, a true Pioneer of Dog Agility.
12/18/15 The Latest USDAA Newsletter is Now Online!
See the December issue of the USDAA Overview!
12/17/15 Training Thursday - Fabulous Focus, Part 4
In the final part of her series, trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner discusses improving your dog's focus and conditioning to the performance environment.
12/16/15 Tips for Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel This Holiday
Many of us travel during the holiday season to visit friends and families, and bringing one's dog along is a special treat. Before you find a pet friendly hotel, there are some questions you should ask.
12/15/15 The Small Dog Mafia, Part Two
In Part Two, we look at how the Small Dog Mafia approaches running a course, and teaching your small dog how to become a "mafioso!"
12/14/15 The Small Dog Mafia, Part One
In Part One on this article, we introduce the "Small Dog Mafia" from Northern California.
12/11/15 Remember Dogs in Need this Holiday Season
Sadly many dogs remain homeless, living in shelters and foster homes awaiting a new family to take them in. Here are some ideas to remember these dogs in need.
12/10/15 Training Thursday - Fabulous Focus, Part 3
Trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner continues her series focusing on getting perfect attention from your dog.
12/09/15 Dallas Agility Working Group (DAWG) Celebrates Their 30th Anniversary
DAWG celebrated their 30th anniversary on October 17 and 18, 2015.
12/08/15 Training Tuesday - The 3 R's of Start Line Stays
Trainer and competitor Lori Michaels provides advice on improving start line stays through Release Cues, Reinforcement and Revving.
12/07/15 Wonderful News for Military Dogs!
The U.S. Congress has passed and the President signed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act which has great news for current and future working military dogs.
12/04/15 First USDAA Trial for RACE (Run Agility Competition Events)
RACE held their first trial in Atascadero, CA on November 27 to 29, 2015.
12/03/15 Xylitol - A Hidden Danger for Our Dogs
Learn more about this potential health hazard for your dog from the poison control experts at the ASPCA.
12/02/15 Bexar Regional Agility Team Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary!
Bexar Regional Agility Team (BRAT) recently celebrated their 25th year in San Antonio, Texas.
12/01/15 Training Tuesday - Fabulous Focus, Part 2
In the second part of our series on focus, trainer Lisa Lyle Waggoner discusses dog body language and the importance of reinforcers.

November 2015

11/24/15 Do Agility Dogs Benefit From Massage Therapy?
We've all wondered whether agility and working dogs perform better with massage. Does therapeutic canine massage affect performance levels? And are dogs that do agility and working dogs similar to human athletes in that they benefit from massage?
11/18/15 Holiday Foods to Avoid Giving to Our Dogs
With Thanksgiving coming up, we wanted to remind dog owners and their families to be careful what items are fed to dogs hanging out by the holiday dinner table!

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