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February 2017

02/21/17 Mark Your Calendars for Title Mania - 3 Events and 3 Locations in 2017!
Make sure you have all our Title Mania dates in hand for 2017.
02/17/17 A profile of Veronica Marquez and Her Rescued Dog Nia
Veronica Marquez and her dog Nia.
02/16/17 Evaluating Agility Seminars - Equation for Cost to Value Ratio - Part II
The second part of Stephanie Morgan's tips for choosing the best seminar for you.
02/15/17 Evaluating Agility Seminars - Prepare to Get the Best Value - Part 1
Helpful tips on how to decide if an agility seminar is a good investment for you.
02/10/17 A Profile of Sandra Zajkowski and her dog Benny
Another profile in our series on rescue dogs in USDAA: Sandra Zajkowski and her dog Benny.
02/08/17 Signs of Cancer in Pets
Do you know all the signs of cancer in pets?
02/07/17 What Type of Music Do Dogs Love Best?
A new study looked at different genres of music to find a canine favorite.
02/07/17 New Procedure for Permanent Jump Height Status
Outline of a new procedure for permanent jump height status and permanent cards.
02/06/17 Three Generations of Champions
The story of three Beagles and the USDAA!
02/03/17 Dogs Improve Heart Health
February is American Heart Month. A new study indicates dogs help our hearts even more than we thought.
02/02/17 Favorite Wetlands Across the U.S. You Can Enjoy With Your Dog
It's World Wetlands Day - here's some lovely wetlands you can enjoy with your dog.
02/01/17 February Facebook Cover Contest!
Find out more about how your dog could be the featured photo on our Facebook page.

January 2017

01/31/17 January 2017 USDAA Message
The January OVERview message from USDAA's Vice President Andy Hartman.
01/30/17 The January OVERvew is here!
This month's January OVERview is now online.
01/27/17 IFCS Team Run Throughs
The IFCS World Team held run throughs this past weekend in Leesburg, VA.
01/24/17 CH 18" Transition Election Policy and Form
News for competitors with dogs in the CH18" jump height prior to Dec, 28, 2016.
01/23/17 Important Notice from the FDA About Pets and the Medication Fluorouracil
The FDA just released an alert for pet owners who use the cancer treatment Fluorouracil.
01/23/17 REVISED Title Transfer Election Form for Performance Dogs in 8", 16", 20"
Deadline extended for filing Title Transfer Election Form
01/20/17 New Year's Resolutions for Your Dog
Thanks to Zuke's, here are some ideas for New Year's resolutions for you and your dog.
01/20/17 Run Throughs with the IFCS World Team!
Run throughs will be held with the IFCS World Team on January 21st in Leesburg, VA.
01/19/17 Title Mania 2017 Rules, Regulations and Locations
Rules, regulations and location information for Title Mania in 2017 now available.
01/18/17 Does Your Veterinary Practice Offer Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy is becoming increasingly used in veterinary clinics to provide relief for many ailments.
01/17/17 Rescue Dog Profile - Titan
A Profile of competitor Marty Stewart and her dog Titan.
01/16/17 AAHA and IAAHPC Issue Joint End-of-Life Care Guidelines
A new set of guidelines for veterinarians for dealing with end of life issues for pets and their owners.
01/13/17 Dressing Up Your Pet: Things to Consider
This weekend is National Dress Up Your Pets Day. Here's some thoughts to consider!
01/12/17 Rescue Dog Profile: Roger Ly and Buster
A profile of USDAA competitor Roger Ly and his dog Buster.
01/11/17 Could Your Dog Become a Blood Donor?
On Health and Wellness Wednesday, let's talk about the importance of blood donation and dogs.
01/10/17 Benefits of Mentoring
January makes National Mentoring Month - do you use mentoring in your agility work?
01/09/17 Flood Preparedness For Your Pets
If you live in a flood risk area, are you prepared to take care of your pet in case of flooding?
01/06/17 Podcast with USDAA Judge Janet Gauntt
USDAA Judge Janet Gaunt did a podcast with Bad Dog Agility regarding instant replay video review.
01/05/17 Rescue Profile: Kirsten Lake and Her Dog Peeka
A profile by competitor Kirsten Lake and her dog Peeka.
01/04/17 Great News for Dogs with Lymphoma
The FDA gives conditional approval for a new drug for canine lymphoma.
01/03/17 Training Tips from the CIA
Some basic fundamentals to follow from the nation's CIA.


December 2016

12/30/16 Holiday Hours for the USDAA
New Year's holiday hours for the USDAA office.
12/29/16 Do You Know How a Dog Walks?
A study found many experts are incorrect when it comes to a dog's gait.
12/28/16 Winter Safety Tips from Zuke's
Zuke's resident veterinarian provides tips to keep dogs safe this winter.
12/27/16 Rescue Dog Profile: Emily Ingersoll and Her Dog Phyllis Diller
It's time for another rescue dog profile - Emily Ingersoll and Phyllis Diller!
12/23/16 Holiday Hours for the USDAA
December holiday hours for the USDAA office.
12/22/16 Breeze Thru Agility Class Sports Olympic Gold!
A story of two teams - an Agility class and an Olympic rowing team.
12/22/16 TitleMania 2017 Rules and Regulations
Rules and regulations for Title Mania in 2017 now available.
12/22/16 Updated Worksheets for Spreads, Long Jump, Table and A-Frame Now Online
Updated worksheets now available!
12/21/16 Rescue Dog Profile: Stephanie Dubick and her dog Ajax
A profile of competitor Stephanie Dubick and her dog Ajax.
12/20/16 Backyard Handling Mastery: 2 Jumps + Tunnel = 24 Challenges
It's Training Tuesday! Agility Nerd Steve Schwarz discusses his Backyard Handling Mastery challenge.
12/19/16 Help Fund the IFCS Team with AmazonSmile!
Use AmazonSmile when you shop to help fund the efforts of the IFCS Team USA!
12/16/16 Have you moved?
Titles mailed recently are being returned.
12/16/16 Vice President's Message
The December OVERview message from USDAA's Vice President Andy Hartman.
12/15/16 The December OVERvew is here!
This month's December OVERview is now online.
12/14/16 Potential Dangers of Using 5-HTP For Your Dog
The ASPCA Poison Control Centers issue a warning about using 5-HTP supplements.
12/13/16 Fostering for the Holidays
Short term fostering over the holidays can help a dog in need, but also help perfect your training skills.
12/12/16 Laser Therapy: It's Not Just for Pain Anymore
New, Safe Laser Helping to Make Champions in All Walks of Life.
12/09/16 Rescue Dog Profile: Jim Allaire and his dog Meadghbh
A Profile of Jim Allaire and his dog Meadghbh.
12/08/16 Contact Zonies 25th Anniversary
Contact Zonies in Phoenix, AZ celebrates their 25th Anniversary of hosting USDAA shows.
12/08/16 Spread Hurdle & Long Jump Settings Plus Snooker Super Qs
The spread hurdle and long jump settings have been finalized as well as a revised method for calculating Snooker Super Qs due to height changes effective December 28, 2016.
12/07/16 Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs
It's that time of year again when holiday decorations and festivities can be an issue for our dogs.
12/06/16 Course Analysis with Judge Jelinda Pepper
USDAA Judge Jelinda Pepper reviews two of her courses for us.
12/05/16 A Tribute to Kamikaze
The first Siberian Husky to achieve ADCH and LAA Bronze.
12/02/16 Dogs Go Back to School
Some middle school students received a hands-on agility experience.
12/01/16 A profile of Christa Beauchat and her dogs Qwyn, Annie and Darby.
A profile of Christa Beauchat and her three rescued dogs: Qwyn, Annie and Darby.

November 2016

11/30/16 New Coach and Team Manager for the IFCS World Team in 2017!
The USDAA is pleased to announce the Coach and Team Manager for the IFCS Team for the 2017 World Agility Championships.
11/30/16 Policy for Selecting Accommodating Partners in Titling Relay Classes
More options for selecting accommodating partners in pairs relay.
11/29/16 Things Trainers & Students would like to Say but Don't
What trainers and students would like to be able to say to each other.
11/04/16 USDAA Office Staff Heads to Cynosport

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