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March 2015

03/06/15 Healthy Snacks for Dogs
Check out these healthy treat suggestions and learn you what to avoid when cooking for your pet.
03/04/15 Beware of Drowsy Driving
Time changes and other factors might leave you drowsy when driving to or from an agility trial. Learn the signs and how to avoid a possible accident. By Kelly McFaul-Solem
03/03/15 Training Exercises: More Tunnel Discriminations
Step up your dog's ability to choose the correct end of a tunnel in a discrimination. By Elizabeth Dott
03/02/15 The February USDAA Newsletter is Now Available Online!
See the latest OVERview!

February 2015

02/26/15 Drop It Training
Stuck indoors? Train Drop It to keep your dog busy, exercised, and entertained!
02/25/15 Traveling Responsibly with Your Pet
February is Responsible Pet Owner month. Find out what it takes to care for your pets responsibly while they are traveling in your vehicle. By Annie DeChance and Brenna Fender
02/24/15 Training Exercises: Tunnel Discrimination
When you face a U-shaped tunnel, how do you get your dog to take the correct end? By Elizabeth Dott
02/23/15 2015 IFCS World Agility Championship Team USA News
New logo and more!
02/18/15 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats
More information for National Pet Dental Health month!
02/17/15 Training: Handling the Path
How can you watch your dog and pay attention to where you are on the course at the same time? By Alicia Nicholas
02/16/15 Hotel Etiquette
How can you be courteous, responsible and set a good example when staying in hotels with your dog? By Annie DeChance and Brenna Fender
02/12/15 New Survey Coming Soon
Watch for a survey to help us improve our website.
02/11/15 Five Ways to Keep Your Pet's Teeth and Gums Healthy for Life
Learn more about good dental health for your dog!
02/10/15 Training Exercises: You Touch! I Touch!
An agility game to proof two-on/two-off contacts by Alicia Nicholas.
02/09/15 Jealousy in Dogs
A new scientific study looks at whether dogs really experience jealousy. By Claudia Bensimoun
02/05/15 USDAA is Proud to be Partnering with Zuke's
Be on the lookout at a Regional near you for the Zuke's crew!
02/04/15 February is National Pet Dental Health Month
Dental health is important for our dogs!
02/03/15 Training Exercises: Snooker 101
How to play USDAA Snooker with flow and fun! Link by Alicia Nicholas
02/02/15 The January USDAA Newsletter is Now Available Online!
Check out what's going on at USDAA!

January 2015

01/29/15 Two-Sentence Training Tips
We finish National Train Your Dog Month with some great advice!
01/29/15 IFCS World Agility Team USA on the Web
Team USA gets their own website!
01/28/15 USDAA Founder Kenneth Tatsch in the News
Dog Fancy magazine celebrates "45 People Who Changed the Dog World," including USDAA's president, Kenneth Tatsch!
01/27/15 Training Exercises: Weave Work
Elizabeth Dott offers some weave proofing exercises to help you whip your weaves into shape!
01/26/15 New Research on Rabies Vaccine....
New research on rabies vaccines alters a common misconception.
01/21/15 What Does Your Dog Really Know?
Why do many dogs perform differently at trials than they do in practice?
01/20/15 Training Exercises: Practicing Pressure to Direct Your Dog
Elizabeth Dott shows how to experiment with "pressure" in these exercises. 
01/19/15 IFCS 2016 USDAA/USA World Team Selection Process
Learn how to try out for Team USA!
01/16/15 2015 IFCS World Agility Championship Team USA Sponsorship Opportunities
Support Team USA!
01/14/15 Zuke's Offers Tips on Keeping Your Dog Busy this Winter
In the heart of winter, owners of active dogs need to get creative!
01/13/15 Training Exercises: Snowman Series Part 2
Check out these exercises based on a winter-themed course layout. Courses by Leona Hellesvig.
01/12/15 New Year's Resolutions, Agility-Style!
The start of a new year is a good time to set agility-related goals. By Brenna Fender
01/08/15 Wild West Regional Standard Courses
Check our these Starters, Advanced, and Masters Standard courses from the recent regional.
01/07/15 What Your Natural Health Magazine Doesn't Want You to Know
Are you confident in your veterinarian's ability to help your dog be healthy?
01/06/15 Training Exercises: Wild West Regional Gambles
Check out these Gamblers courses from this weekend's regional!
01/05/15 Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Wild West Regional Championships!
See the winners! 


December 2014

12/30/14 Training Exercises: Snowman Series
Practice a variety of agility skills on a cute snowman-themed course layout. By Leona Hellesvig
12/29/14 The Breed to Win
Amanda Nelson shares her experiences with perceptions of Border Collies in agility.
12/24/14 Generalize or Personalize: Do Dogs Transfer an Acquired Rule to Novel Situations and Persons?
Does your dog understand what you say no matter where you say it? By Claudia Bensimoun
12/23/14 Training Exercises: Holiday-Themed for Small Spaces
These exercises have a cute, Christmas tree shape and fit in a 50'x80' space. By Leona Hellesvig
12/17/14 See Recent USDAA Newsletters Online!
The October/November and December issues are now online.
12/16/14 Training Exercises: Rock Around this Christmas Tree
A Christmas-tree-themed exercise which works as an every day exercise as well. By Rob Bardenett
12/16/14 Agility Loses an Early Supporter
Jacquelyn Taylor passed away on December 10.
12/15/14 Enjoying the Holidays with Your Dogs
Tips from USDAA
12/12/14 Tips for Entering a Regional Championship
Provisional entries? Byes? If you have questions on how to fill out your Regional entry forms, we have the answers!
12/12/14 Holiday-Themed Courses
Flashback to these holiday-themed courses, first posted in 2008, which are great for some in-class, festive fun! By Brenna Fender
12/12/14 Office News
Office staff will be at a conference next week. 
12/10/14 Event Report: All 4 Fun Agility Club Trial
We crowned new champions and had lots of fun! By Angie Fink
12/09/14 Training Exercises: Have a Nice Day! Part 5
The last in a series of exercises based on the same course layout. By Elizabeth Dott
12/08/14 New Members Added to the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships Team USA
Who are the final members added to our team?

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