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August 2014

08/30/14 2014 Western Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from this event.
08/30/14 2014 Western Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
08/29/14 2014 USDAA Hall of Fame
USDAA recognizes and celebrates those who make major contributions to the sport of agility.
08/28/14 2014 Eastern Canada Regional Championships
Congratulations to the winners!
08/26/14 Training Exercises: Snooker Practice
Train your Snooker skills on courses from the Eastern Canada and Mexico Regional Championships.
08/25/14 2014 Mexico Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
08/24/14 2014 Eastern Canada Regional Championships Courses
Check out some of the courses from this weekend's event!
08/24/14 2014 Mexico Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from this weekend's event!
08/21/14 Cynosport Tips, Advice and Reminders
Entering the big event? Check out this info from Helen McNenly, 2014 Cynosport World Games Trial Secretary
08/19/14 2014 Central Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
08/19/14 Training Exercises: Central Regional Courses
Set up these Starters and Advanced courses for your students or yourself!
08/17/14 2014 Central Regional Championships Courses & Running Orders
Follow along on the live stream at with this running order.
08/14/14 RVs at Cynosport
If you are planning to attend the 2014 Cynosport World Games in your RV, please check out these details.
08/13/14 New Judges in Costa Rica
After a successful course design and rules clinic in Costa Rica last May, USDAA welcomes new and advancing judges!
08/12/14 Training Tuesday: Yep I Did it Again Games!
More training courses based on the same course layout as used the last two weeks! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
08/12/14 2014 Central Regional Championships Live Stream
Watch some exciting agility this weekend with our free live stream!
08/11/14 How to Protect Your Dogs from Sunburn
In the dog days of summer, how do you protect your pup from the sun? By Claudia Bensimoun
08/08/14 Congratulations to Our New and Advancing Judges!
A recent course design and rules clinic produced new and advancing judges.
08/06/14 Remembering Courses and Conquering Missed Walk Throughs
How can you best remember courses? What if you miss your walk through? By Steve Schwarz
08/05/14 Training Exercises: Yep, I Did it Again, Part 2
Sometimes, unexpected things happen at a trial. Use this course to help train for them! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
08/04/14 No Reward Markers VS. Cheerful Interrupters
Denise Fenzi explains these two different ways to interrupt an error in behavior in training. 

July 2014

07/31/14 2014 Cynosport Games Test Schedule
The test schedule for USDAA's big event has been released. Plan to join us in California!
07/30/14 Judge's Call: Tom Kula
How do you plan the Cynosport World Games? Learn all about it in this video interview with show chair Tom Kula. 
07/29/14 Training Exercises: Yep, I Did it Again, Part 1
Work on handling and skills in group classes or on your own with this exercise by Deborah Davidson Harpur.
07/28/14 Courses: BARK-NH Trial
Use these courses by Janet Gauntt from a recent trial in your group classes or for your own practice.
07/25/14 Event Report: BARK-NH's July Trial
Great courses, great competitors, great fun! By Lo Baker
07/23/14 Your Dog's Paw Preference May Affect His Agility Performance
Paw preference and handler location may affect canine mental performance on the agility course. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/22/14 Training Exercises: Practice Courses and Exercises
Internationally known agility handler and instructor Mary Ellen Barry shares some handing exercises and practice courses. 
07/21/14 The July USDAA Newsletter is Online Now!
Check out our most recent newsletter!
07/18/14 West Valley Dog Sport: How it All Began
How did one agility group get started 25 years ago? By Kathy Lofthouse
07/17/14 West Valley Dog Sports Celebrates 25 Years
West Valley Dog Sports celebrated it's 25th anniversary on July 12th! By Annie Dechance
07/16/14 2014 New England Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
07/15/14 Training Exercises: Gamblers Strategy and Practice
Learn Gamblers strategy and train distance work on this practice course. By Elizabeth Dott
07/14/14 Less is More For Hungry Dogs
Do you train with a mix of high and low value treats? That might not be as rewarding as you think. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/13/14 2014 New England Regional Championships Courses and Running Order
Courses and running order from this weekend's event.
07/10/14 Judge's Call: Tim Verrelli
Judge Tim Verrelli shares his thoughts on a Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix course.
07/09/14 Supporting Starters Through Seminars
How can one club get more competitors to try USDAA agility? By Brenna Fender
07/08/14 Training Exercises: Analysis of a Masters Challenge Jumpers Course
Video and analysis by Steve Schwarz.
07/03/14 Live Stream: 2014 USDAA New England Regional Championships
Get ready to watch more free agility on!
07/01/14 The 2015 USDAA Regional Championships
Plan your calendar for next year's Regionals!
07/01/14 2015 Tournament Rules Announced
The rules for the 2015 tournaments are now available.
07/01/14 Event Announcement: 2015 Cynosport World Games
Where will USDAA's annual international championships take place in 2015?
07/01/14 Training Exercises: Gamble O'Rama
Practice your distance work! By Deborah Davidson-Harpur

June 2014

06/25/14 Event Report: Keystone Agility Club
Read about this recent trial in Barto, Pennsylvania. By Helen McNenly
06/24/14 Training Exercises: 2014 Southeastern Regional Championship Master Snooker Course
Elizabeth Dott talks you through one possible path on this snooker course. Can you find more?
06/23/14 Personality Consistency in Dogs: A Meta-Analysis
Do a dog's personality traits stay consistent over time? A look at a Department of Psychology, University of Texas, study by Samuel D. Gosling, Jamie Fratkin, David Sinn, and Erika Patall. By Claudia Bensimoun
06/20/14 2014 Southwestern Regional Championships in Pictures
Deborah Davidson Harpur shares photos from the April 25-27 event.
06/17/14 Training Exercises: 2005 Grand Prix of Dog Agility Semifinals
Go back in time and look at this 2005 Cynosport World Games course. Which of today's new handling maneuvers would have worked well on this course? By Brenna Fender
06/16/14 The June USDAA Newsletter is Online Now!
See the most recent issue of the OVERview!
06/12/14 Event Report: Riverside Canine Center of New Hampshire
A Not-Memorial-Day-Memorial-Day-Weekend trial in Rhode Island. By John Marcus.
06/12/14 Judge's Call: Lisa Barrett
Judge Lisa Barrett discusses Gamblers courses and more!
06/10/14 Training Exercises: Practice Courses with Work Stations
Work the individual stations, then run the course.  By Leona Hellesvig
06/08/14 2014 Southeastern Regional Championships Running Order and Courses
The running order for this June 5-8 event. Courses will be posted each day so check back!
06/08/14 2014 Southeastern Regional Champions
Results as they are available. Congratulations to the winners!
06/06/14 May USDAA Overview and Special Edition
Two copies of the USDAA's newsletter are available from May. If you didn't get the USDAA Overview in your email inbox, check it out here.
06/03/14 Continuing Education for Judges
An educational opportunity is available on July 10, 2014
06/03/14 USDAA Agility Returns to Guatemala
Guatemala hosted a fun and successful USDAA event over the weekend.
06/02/14 Attention Changes in the Course of a Dog's Life Mirror Those of Humans
When will your pup be most attentive? By Claudia Bensimoun

May 2014

05/10/14 2014 IFCS Individual Snooker World Agility Champions
Congratulations to the winners!

March 2014

03/26/14 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships [UPDATED]
Learn about the 2015 World Team selection process and see the Intent to Compete Form as well as the 2014 CCOA Announcement. [The updated info is indicated in the document.]


September 2013

09/25/13 Rules for 2014 Tournaments
Rules for Grand Prix/Performance GP, Steeplechase/PSJ and Team/PVP to be reposted by October 8 in the Forms & Documents Library

February 2013

02/05/13 Two Updated Policies
Scheduling classes and events detailed.

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