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October 2014

10/01/14 2014 Cynosport World Games - Live and On Demand
Everything you need to know about the 2014 Cynosport World Games live stream and on demand videos! 

September 2014

09/30/14 Training Exercises: You're Bugging Me Part 3
The third installment of training exercises based on the same course layout. By Deborah Davidson Harpur
09/29/14 Check Out the New!
Our 2014 Cynosport World Games website has gotten a makeover and now provides everything you need to know about the event!
09/26/14 Training: Getting Ready for Cynosport Part 1
Check out these courses from the 2011 Cynosport World Games and use them as part of your training program!
09/24/14 Event Report: USDAA Informational Seminar
Jennifer Crank helped others in her area learn more about USDAA.
09/23/14 Training Exercises: You're Bugging Me Part 2
Work your weaves and tricky obstacle "call-offs." By Deborah Davidson Harpur
09/22/14 Recent USDAA Newsletters are Online Now!
Check out the last two copies of the USDAA Overview, which came out in August and September.
09/18/14 Could Your Dog be Prone to Blinding Retinal Diseases?
Some diseases that blind dogs may be due to a structure that resembles one in the human eye. By Claudia Bensimoun
09/17/14 Club News: DAWG Doings
There are some good things happening at DAWG, Dallas's oldest agility group.
09/16/14 Training Exercises: You're Bugging Me
Try this fun exercise in your class or training group. By Deborah Davidson Harpur.
09/15/14 2014 Cynosport World Games Halloween Costume Contest
Going to the Games? Don't miss this fun event!
09/12/14 Brain Food
Can diet affect canine brain development? By Claudia Bensimoun.
09/10/14 Event Report: Riverside Canine Center of New Hampshire
Riverside hosted another exciting summer trial! By John Marcus
09/09/14 Training Exercises: BARK-NH Grand Prix
Elizabeth Dott shares handling suggestions for this course.
09/08/14 Event Report: First USDAA Agility Trial in El Salvador
Handlers from El Salvador and Guatemala enjoyed a recent USDAA event. By Francisco Berjon
09/05/14 The Regional South of the Border
US competitors and judges traveled to Mexico to compete in the 2014 Mexico Regional Championships. By Andy Hartman
09/05/14 2014 USDAA Hall of Fame
USDAA recognizes and celebrates those who make major contributions to the sport of agility. [UPDATED]
09/03/14 2014 Western Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
09/02/14 Training Exercises: Proofing Contacts and Weaves
Can your dog maintain your performance criteria when challenged? By Elizabeth Dott
09/01/14 2014 Western Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from this event.

August 2014

08/28/14 2014 Eastern Canada Regional Championships
Congratulations to the winners!
08/26/14 Training Exercises: Snooker Practice
Train your Snooker skills on courses from the Eastern Canada and Mexico Regional Championships.
08/25/14 2014 Mexico Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
08/24/14 2014 Eastern Canada Regional Championships Courses
Check out some of the courses from this weekend's event!
08/24/14 2014 Mexico Regional Championships Courses
See some of the courses from this weekend's event!
08/21/14 Cynosport Tips, Advice and Reminders
Entering the big event? Check out this info from Helen McNenly, 2014 Cynosport World Games Trial Secretary
08/19/14 2014 Central Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
08/19/14 Training Exercises: Central Regional Courses
Set up these Starters and Advanced courses for your students or yourself!
08/17/14 2014 Central Regional Championships Courses & Running Orders
Follow along on the live stream at with this running order.
08/14/14 RVs at Cynosport
If you are planning to attend the 2014 Cynosport World Games in your RV, please check out these details.
08/13/14 New Judges in Costa Rica
After a successful course design and rules clinic in Costa Rica last May, USDAA welcomes new and advancing judges!
08/12/14 Training Tuesday: Yep I Did it Again Games!
More training courses based on the same course layout as used the last two weeks! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
08/12/14 2014 Central Regional Championships Live Stream
Watch some exciting agility this weekend with our free live stream!
08/11/14 How to Protect Your Dogs from Sunburn
In the dog days of summer, how do you protect your pup from the sun? By Claudia Bensimoun
08/08/14 Congratulations to Our New and Advancing Judges!
A recent course design and rules clinic produced new and advancing judges.
08/06/14 Remembering Courses and Conquering Missed Walk Throughs
How can you best remember courses? What if you miss your walk through? By Steve Schwarz
08/05/14 Training Exercises: Yep, I Did it Again, Part 2
Sometimes, unexpected things happen at a trial. Use this course to help train for them! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
08/04/14 No Reward Markers VS. Cheerful Interrupters
Denise Fenzi explains these two different ways to interrupt an error in behavior in training. 

July 2014

07/31/14 2014 Cynosport Games Test Schedule
The test schedule for USDAA's big event has been released. Plan to join us in California!
07/30/14 Judge's Call: Tom Kula
How do you plan the Cynosport World Games? Learn all about it in this video interview with show chair Tom Kula. 
07/29/14 Training Exercises: Yep, I Did it Again, Part 1
Work on handling and skills in group classes or on your own with this exercise by Deborah Davidson Harpur.
07/28/14 Courses: BARK-NH Trial
Use these courses by Janet Gauntt from a recent trial in your group classes or for your own practice.
07/25/14 Event Report: BARK-NH's July Trial
Great courses, great competitors, great fun! By Lo Baker
07/23/14 Your Dog's Paw Preference May Affect His Agility Performance
Paw preference and handler location may affect canine mental performance on the agility course. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/22/14 Training Exercises: Practice Courses and Exercises
Internationally known agility handler and instructor Mary Ellen Barry shares some handing exercises and practice courses. 
07/21/14 The July USDAA Newsletter is Online Now!
Check out our most recent newsletter!
07/18/14 West Valley Dog Sport: How it All Began
How did one agility group get started 25 years ago? By Kathy Lofthouse
07/17/14 West Valley Dog Sports Celebrates 25 Years
West Valley Dog Sports celebrated it's 25th anniversary on July 12th! By Annie Dechance
07/16/14 2014 New England Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
07/15/14 Training Exercises: Gamblers Strategy and Practice
Learn Gamblers strategy and train distance work on this practice course. By Elizabeth Dott
07/14/14 Less is More For Hungry Dogs
Do you train with a mix of high and low value treats? That might not be as rewarding as you think. By Claudia Bensimoun
07/13/14 2014 New England Regional Championships Courses and Running Order
Courses and running order from this weekend's event.
07/10/14 Judge's Call: Tim Verrelli
Judge Tim Verrelli shares his thoughts on a Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix course.
07/09/14 Supporting Starters Through Seminars
How can one club get more competitors to try USDAA agility? By Brenna Fender
07/08/14 Training Exercises: Analysis of a Masters Challenge Jumpers Course
Video and analysis by Steve Schwarz.
07/01/14 2015 Tournament Rules Announced
The rules for the 2015 tournaments are now available.

May 2014

05/10/14 2014 IFCS Individual Snooker World Agility Champions
Congratulations to the winners!


September 2013

09/25/13 Rules for 2014 Tournaments
Rules for Grand Prix/Performance GP, Steeplechase/PSJ and Team/PVP to be reposted by October 8 in the Forms & Documents Library

February 2013

02/05/13 Two Updated Policies
Scheduling classes and events detailed.

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