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October 2017

10/21/17 2017 Cynosport World Games Livestream & On Demand Video
Can't make it to Cynosport this year?
10/20/17 Preparation for the 2018 IFCS World Agility Championship (WAC)
News about the IFCS World Agility Championship
10/18/17 2018 IFCS World Team Manager
Diann Gastley is the new Team Manager for the IFCS World Team.
10/18/17 Contact Agility Celebrates 25 Years of USDAA Agility
Contact Agility celebrated their 25th year with USDAA.
10/17/17 A Q&A with Judge Tami McClung
Tami McClung is one of our esteemed judges at Cynosport this year.
10/16/17 Volunteer at Cynosport!
Sign up to volunteer your time at Cynosport!
10/13/17 A Farewell to Merlene Stiles
We wish the best for our retiring staff member, Merlene Stiles.
10/13/17 2016 Top Ten Pins Processed
An important notice about Top Ten pins.
10/12/17 A profile of Cynosport Judge Bart De Decker
Bart De Decker is one of our excellent judges this year at Cynosport.
10/11/17 September President's Message from USDAA
The September 2017 President's Message from Ken Tatsch of USDAA.
10/10/17 The September OVERview is here!
The September OVERview is now online.
10/06/17 USDAA Begins New Facebook Group for Agility Beginners
A new discussion group for those new to the sport and to competition.
10/05/17 Cynosport Judge Profile: David Bozak
A profile of Cynosport 2017 Judge David Bozak.
10/04/17 Help for the Puerto Rico Agility Team
The recent hurricanes have taken a devastating toll on the Puerto Rico Agility Team.
10/03/17 Cynosport Judge Profile: Becky Dean
A profile of Cynosport Judge Becky Dean!
10/02/17 Hotel Tips for Traveling to Cynosport
Here's some etiquette tips to remember on how to be a courteous and responsible hotel guest with your dog.
10/02/17 Reminder: Judges Continuing Education Clinic in Conjunction with Cynosport
Clinic offered at TMC - The Miller Room

September 2017

09/28/17 Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club Trial Report for August
Report on the August 25-27 trial held by Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club.
09/27/17 Announcement - 2018 IFCS Development Team
The members of the new 2018 IFCS Development Team!
09/26/17 Presenting the 2018 IFCS Team USA Members
Our new 2018 IFCS Team USA Team Roster!
09/25/17 Importance Notice about Accommodations for the Wild West Regional
If you're planning on attending the Wild West Regional, please read!
09/22/17 Hurricane Harvey Will Not Stop DASH Agility
Dog Agility Sports of Houston (DASH) September 2017 Trial
09/20/17 Riverside Canine Holds Last Local Trial of 2017
Report on Riverside Canine's event on September 8-10, 2017.
09/19/17 Things to Expect at Cynosport 2017 - Part 2
More important information on Cynosport!
09/18/17 Things to Expect at Cynosport 2017 - Part 1
Here are some tips and important information if you're attending Cynosport this year.
09/17/17 2018 World Team Selection Event Results
Results from the World Team Selection Event for the 2018 Team USA.
09/17/17 New Members of the 2018 IFCS World Team
Congratulations to the first eight members of the 2018 IFCS World Team.
09/15/17 USDAA Trial Hosted by ARFF Agility Club
ARFF held a USDAA trial on September 2-3, 2017.
09/14/17 Are You Competing with a Rescue Dog at Cynosport?
An opportunity to have your dog featured on the USDAA website.
09/13/17 Coming to Cynosport this Year? Why Not Volunteer?
Consider volunteering at the Cynosport® World Games this year!
09/11/17 A.C.E. Agility Club Trial Report
A.C.E. Agility Club in Westfield, MA held a trial on August 26-27, 2017.
09/08/17 2017 Western Regional Course Maps
Course maps from the Western Regional held on September 2-4, 2017.
09/07/17 2017 Western Regional Results
The Western Regional was held on September 2-4, 2017.
09/06/17 August President's Message from USDAA
The August 2017 President's Message from Ken Tatsch of USDAA.
09/05/17 The August OVERview is here!
The August OVERview is now online.
09/01/17 2018 Tournament Rules - Update
Changes to the Tournament Rules for 2018.

August 2017

08/29/17 Volunteer at the 2017 Cynosport World Games!
Coming to Cynosport this year? Consider volunteering!
08/28/17 Central Regional Course Maps
Course maps from the August 18-20 Central Regional in Gardner, KS.
08/25/17 Casa De Canine Holds Central Regional Event
The Central Regional was held on August 18-20 in Gardner, KS.
08/24/17 REMINDER: New Procedure for Permanent Jump Height Status
Outline of procedure for permanent jump height status and permanent cards originally published in February.
08/24/17 Central Regional Results
Results from the Central Regional held on August 18-20, 2017.
08/23/17 2018 IFCS Team USA - Team Manager

USDAA is looking for one or more volunteers to assist World Team Coach Tracy Sklenar as the 2018 Team Manager.  

08/22/17 Over Rover Training Center Holds Trial in Cato, New York
A report from on the trial on August 11-13, 2017.
08/21/17 2017 Mexico Regional Championship
Results and an update on the 2017 Mexico Regional Championship on August 12-13, 2017.
08/18/17 USDAA Starters Trial Hosted by Boise Agility Runners and Climbers Club
Boise Agility Runners and Climbers Club holds Starters Trial in August.
08/15/17 2018 IFCS Team USA - Development Team Program
News about a new program to develop competitors for future IFCS World Teams.
08/15/17 Final Day to Submit IFCS Intent to Compete Form
Forms must be emailed by today!
08/14/17 Arrowhead Dog Agility Association of Duluth (ADAA) Celebrates 25th Anniversary
A big trial and celebration for ADAA.
08/13/17 Stuart Mah to Join 2018 IFCS World Team Coaching Staff
News about the preparation for the 2018 World Agility Championships.
08/13/17 2018 World Team Selection Event - Intent to Compete Forms Due August 15th - BIS for IFCS Classes
Important reminder about the August 15th deadline.
08/11/17 Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week
This week is the eighth annual "Give a Dog a Bone Pet Food Drive" to encourage giving to care for pets and their homeless families.
08/10/17 Citizen Science for Dog Owners
Have you ever thought about participating with your dog in a research study?
08/09/17 A Retirement Party for Hailey McBean
Owner/Handler Lauren Stein held a retirement party for her dog at the BARK-NH trial this past July.
08/08/17 BARK NH Holds Local Trial and Retirement Celebration
NH's July 21-23, 2017 trial featured many titles and a dog retirement celebration.
08/07/17 July President's Message from USDAA
The July 2017 President's Message from Ken Tatsch of USDAA.
08/04/17 The July OVERview is here!
The July OVERview is now online.
08/02/17 Train Through Frustrations
Ideas from trainer Kari Massoth on how to work through training frustrations.
08/01/17 2018 World Team Selection Event - Judges and Intent to Compete Form
Important information on the 2018 World Team Selection Event.
08/01/17 2017 Cynosport World Games Event Info & Entry
The event schedule for 2017 Cynosport is posted.

July 2017

07/31/17 J.C. Thompson - A Memorial to a Pioneer of Agility
In remembrance of J.C. Thompson, a major figure in the agility world.
07/28/17 Competitor Profile: Kathy Kwiatt and Scruffy
A profile of competitor Kathleen Kwiatt and her rescued dog Scruffy.
07/24/17 Judges Continuing Education Clinic in Conjunction with Cynosport.
Clinic offered at TMC - The Miller Room
07/11/17 2018 Cynosport World Games Dates and Location (Updated 7/11/17)
Dates and locations for the 2018 Cynosport World Games and Regional Championships.


November 2016

11/04/16 USDAA Office Staff Heads to Cynosport

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