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April 2014

04/17/14 2014 North Central Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
04/15/14 Training Exercises: Speed Circle - Building Speed and Confidence
Emily Hurt begins a three-part series of exercises based on a simple course layout. Today's sequences build speed, confidence, and attention to handler cues.

04/13/14 2014 North Central Regional Running Order and Courses
Use this running order and study the courses while watching the event on!
04/10/14 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships Team USA Team Practice
Team coach Rachel Sanders shares details from the team's first practice. 
04/09/14 Flashback: 1994 USDAA Nationals
More than 200 competitors participated in the 1994 USDAA National event, setting a new record for the most widely attended USDAA Nationals!
04/08/14 Training Exercises: Gambling Practice
Tania Chadwick helps you improve your sends and distance handling.
04/07/14 The Judge's Call, Volume 4
Get the inside scoop on course design, the planning that goes into creating a course, and some of the challenges judges are thinking while designing courses.
04/02/14 Get Ready to WATCH!
The 2014 USDAA North Central Regional Championships (and more) will be live streamed!
04/01/14 Training Exercises: Feelin' Groovy!
Have you really trained your dog's tunnel performance? By Deborah Davidson Harpur

March 2014

03/31/14 Announcement: 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships Team Members [UPDATED]
Congratulations to the team members who will represent the US in this international competition! 
03/27/14 Training Exercise: Need a Challenge?
A tricky exercise and suggestions on how to handle it by Steve Schwarz.
03/26/14 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships [UPDATED]
Learn about the 2015 World Team selection process and see the Intent to Compete Form as well as the 2014 CCOA Announcement. [The updated info is indicated in the document.]
03/24/14 Dogs' Brain Scans Reveal Vocal Responses
A study shows a similarity between the way dogs and humans react to voices. By Claudia Bensimoun
03/19/14 IFCS Continental Championship of the Americas Qualification Information
Learn how to qualify to compete in this exciting international event.
03/18/14 Check Out the March OVERview!
See USDAA's most recent newsletter!
03/18/14 Amended Regulations for the Masters Challenge Biathlon Have Been Posted
The Q requirement for entry to a regional biathlon has been eliminated for the 2014

03/17/14 Training Exercises: Dot and Dash
Deborah Davidson Harpur designed these training exercises to work on tunnel exits.
03/13/14 Can Dogs Learn from Eavesdropping?
Dogs can eavesdrop from people's reactions in third party interactions. By Claudia Bensimoun
03/10/14 Practice: More Intro Courses
More Intro courses for you to try at home or in class.
03/07/14 Don't Drive Drowsy
This weekend's time change might make you dangerously drowsy while traveling to or from an agility trial. By Kelly McFaul-Solem
03/06/14 Practice: Intro Courses
Wondering what Intro courses are like? Check these out!
03/03/14 Dr. Seuss Snooker
In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2, we share this Seuss-themed Snooker course.

February 2014

02/27/14 Dogs Understand a Left-Sided Wag from a Right
Have you noticed that your dog's tail sometimes wags more to one side than the other? It might mean something! By Claudia Bensimoun
02/25/14 It's All in How They're Raised
Or is it? A look at nature vs. nurture by Sara Reusche CPDT-KA CVT ANWI.
02/24/14 An Intro Experience
Longtime competitor Monique Plinck shares her experiences at NOMAD's Intro Only trial.
02/20/14 Training Exercises: Weaves and Serpentines
Work weave entries and exits along with serpentines in this exercise. By Elizabeth Dott. 
02/19/14 Check Out the January/February OVERview!
See USDAA's most recent newsletter!
02/18/14 R Dog vs. E Dog
Are you creating an R dog, or an E dog? By Emily Hurt
02/17/14 USDAA Course Design & Rules Clinic Registration Deadline Extended
Registration extended to Friday, February 21.
02/13/14 Behind the Scenes at the Course Reviewers Clinic Part 4
The last in our video series from a recent course reviewers clinic. Get your questions answered regarding the course review process!
02/10/14 USDAA Article Wins a Dog Writers Award!
A USDAA-original article wins a coveted Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America. 
02/06/14 Behind the Scenes at the Course Reviewers Clinic Part 3
Part three in our four-video series....
02/03/14 Border Collie Comprehends Over 1,000 Object Names as Verbal Referents
How smart are our dogs? By Claudia Bensimoun

January 2014

01/30/14 Behind the Scenes at the Course Reviewers Clinic Part 2
Learn more about the course review process!
01/28/14 Check Out the December OVERview!
Read our last edition on line now!
01/27/14 Training Exercises: Tunnels vs. Tables
Work your tunnel/table discrimination skills! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
01/22/14 Attitude Really IS Everything: The Science Behind Drives (Part 3)
The final part from our series from Dog Sports Skills Book 1: Building Engagement and Relationship by Denise Fenzi and Deb Jones, PhD.


September 2013

09/25/13 Rules for 2014 Tournaments
Rules for Grand Prix/Performance GP, Steeplechase/PSJ and Team/PVP to be reposted by October 8 in the Forms & Documents Library

February 2013

02/05/13 Two Updated Policies
Scheduling classes and events detailed.

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