USDAA Rules & Regulations set forth official height classifications for recording purposes for all dogs competing in USDAA events, regardless of the titling program or class entered. Based upon the dog’s height as measured at the withers while the dog is standing erect, a dog is categorized as follows:

Dog Measuring Official Height
12" (30cm) or less 12" (30cm)
16" (40cm) or less, but more than 12"(30cm)      16" (40cm)
21" (53cm) or less, but more than 16"(40cm) 22" (55cm)
Over 21" (53cm) 26" (65cm)

A dog entered in the Championship Program is required to jump in their official height category or higher (at owner’s option). When competing in the Performance Program, a dog may be entered in one height class lower than specified, with dogs in the 12" height category permitted to jump in 8" (23cm).