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Dog Agility

Dog agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports of the last century. USDAA's tournament events present the best of the best in agility, jumping and team competition.


USDAA's Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championships, now in its 26th year is the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the sport today. On a course that features all the familiar obstacles of the sport - weave poles, A-frame, dog walk, see-saw, tunnels and a variety of jumps and hurdles, the tournament consists of more than 150 local qualifying events and fourteen regional and foreign national championships leading to the World Championship event.

The Championships shall consist of a quarterfinal and semifinal leading to a finals in each height division (12", 16", 22" & 26").  Competitors must negotiate the obstacle course fault-free, with time penalties assessed should a performance goes beyond the judge's announced standard course time. The competitor with the fewest faults is the winner; in the event of a tie, the fastest time will decide.

The $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase® pits the top jumpers in four distinctive classes at 12", 16", 22" and 26", in a race against the clock for prize money totaling $10,000. The course is designed to encourage speed as the competitors face a course of hurdles and tunnels, with an A-frame and weave poles on course. The tournament series consists of more than fifty qualifying events leading to the world championships. The competition is divided into four height divisions and is presented in a two-round format. Competitors compete in a semifinal round to earn the right to compete in the final round. Faults on course are added to the performance time, with the fastest competitor awarded top prize. The top 50% of finalists share in the prize money, with $1,000 being awarded to each first place winner in each height division.

The Dog Agility Masters® International Three-Dog Championship presents top competitors from around the world in teams of three dogs and three handlers as they compete in a test of versatility and endurance. The tournament consists of five classes of competition - standard agility, jumping, gamblers choice, snooker agility, and the three-dog relay. Points are accumulated through the five classes of competition, with the team with the most points being awarded the championship. A unique feature of the tournament is that competitors may team up with competitors whose dogs are of different heights. A handicapping system is utilized that adjusts times and points based upon the dog's size.

Beginning in 1999, USDAA introduced the Performance Program, with different standards for competition that shifts the emphasis away from the finer elements of a dog's physical agility. Jumps are set one height classification lower at 8", 12", 16" and 22", offering a lower trajectory across jumps that invites speed. Tournament series patterned after the Agility Championship Program are offered for those who compete in the Performance Program as described below.

The Performance Grand Prix Championships pit the top competitors in USDAA's Performance Program in a race against the clock on the Grand Prix of Dog Agility course with obstacle and time standard adjustments as set forth in the regulations. Jump heights are one cateogry lower, includes no spread hurdles and has additional time allotted on course.

The Performance Speed Jumping Championships, pit top competitors in USDAA's Performance Program in a race against the clock on the Dog Agility Steeplechase course, with jumps set at 8", 12", 16" and 22", and includes no spread hurdles. Scoring is all about time, but penalties for course faults are added as time penalties. May the fastest dog win.

The Performance Versatility Pairs Championships, pit the top competitors in USDAA's Performance Program in a two-dog team competition patterned after the long-running Dog Agility Masters® Three-Dog Championships.

The Masters Challenge Biathlon, a new tournament in only its second year, consists of two classes: Standard Agility and Jumping. Scores from both are combined to name a champion for each jump height.


Pre-qualification or eligibility must be established in accordance with tournament rules for each tournament. Consult tournament rules for details.

Tournament rules can be found in the USDAA Documents Library by clicking HERE.

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