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An Interview with Cynosport Games Judge Martin Gadsby

Karey Krauter talks with Martin Gadsby, who will be judging in Scottsdale for the second time this year.

Martin has been doing agility for 13 years and judging for the last six.  He and his wife, Lisa Brownschidle, are currently competing with two Shetland Sheepdogs and two Jack Russell terriers, although Martin's previous dog was a Malinois. In his "day job" he has worked in the research branch of agriculture in Canada for over 20 years. He has been involved in the fruit breeding programs and lately he has specialized in the preservation of fruit crops.  His hobbies are ballroom dancing and cooking.
Photo by Lisa Brownschidle

Last year's Cynosport Games were the first for Martin as a judge.  Subscribers can log in and read last year's interview here.

KK: How has your agility year been?  How about sharing a couple highlights with us?

MG: We have had a great year. Sisko (my Sheltie) now has his Gold Snooker but still needs gambles for his ADCH.

KK: Have you given any thought to what your next dog will be? Are you looking for a puppy these days?

MG: I am on the list for a Malinois puppy for late 2009. I can't wait; the house just hasn't felt the same without a Malinois in it.

KK: Ah, you're Canadian.  How come they don't list you as one of the international judges? Just joking! 

MG: Probably because I don't view Canada and the US as being "international" to each other. My wife is American and works in Detroit and I am Canadian working for the Canadian government so I have to officially live in Canada. 

KK: Do you see much difference between competitions/competing/competitors/training in Ontario versus what you've seen in the states?

MG: I see differences in handling by regions more so than by country. There are regions in Canada where handlers train and run similar to regions in the US and I think a lot of that is due to some of the excellent trainers that are putting on seminars all over North America.

KK: Do you see mostly Susan Garrett influencing your region?  Who/what do you think is the biggest influence in your area, and/or in your personal style?

MG: I was trying not to name names but Susan is one of them. Jen Pinder is fairly close to us and so is Linda Mecklenburg and it is usually very apparent who has gone to what trainer or seminar by the way they handle, but I find this all over the country since they all travel for seminars. Personally I use a little of everything.

KK: what did you think about judging at the nationals last year?  Did you have a "most memorable" moment?

MG: I was amazed at the size of the event and the incredible handling from the competitors. I don't have a specific memorable moment since the whole event was fantastic.

KK: As a seasoned veteran now, do you have any advice for rookie nationals judges?  Anything you wish you had been told when you were the rookie?

MG: Nothing that comes to mind. The only "rookie" judge this year is Tom Kula and he wouldn't listen to my advice anyway. [Editor's note: Martin assures us that he is joking!]

Karey Krauter has been competing in USDAA for 11 years.  She is currently competing with ADCH-Gold LAA-Gold Bump, a Border Collie. 


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