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Grand Prix 16" Results/Commentary

A sizzling competition

16": 15 competitors

    16006 Bode Shetland Sheepdog Lori Michaels setting quite the standard, running A-frame, great weaves, bar down at #19 32.37

    16018 Puma Poodle (Miniature) Ayami Suzuki nonstop talking encouragement, dog missed down dogwalk contact but had a tremendous flying A-frame 40.26

    16084 Kiki Shetland Sheepdog Vicki King agressive seesaw performance but a good one, missed the down contact on the dogwalk, nice weaving dog, back crosses the #18 jump, serpentine's the closing 37.75

    16024 Tack All Breed Rhonda Koeske Serpentines the opening, then several front crosses and a beautiful running dogwalk and A-frame, really tremendous but got a refusal on the weave poles 38.67

    16030 Breeze Shetland Sheepdog Anne Stocum great run until missed the downside of the A-frame contact 33.40

    16087 Wave Shetland Sheepdog Marcy Mantell experienced competitor, clear through the tire, nice running A-frame back cross #14, back cross the weaves and serpentine the closing 33.26

    16079 Sizzle Shetland Sheepdog Karen Holik another international competitor, who crept forward on the start line, very fast running dogwalk, blind cross down side A-frame, front cross weaves, serpentine finish, that'll be hard to beat! 32.23

    16065 Rock-It Shetland Sheepdog Barbara Davis another seasoned international competitor running all out, another perfect dogwalk, another blind cross after the A-frame, same handling path as Sizzle 34.91

    16045 Skye Shetland Sheepdog Lori Michaels Second run here for Lori, another running dogwalk, clean to the Aframe, back crossing the landing side of #14, front crosses after weaves, 32.48

    16011 Hemi Pyrenean Shepherd Elizabeth Evans great start, missed her running down contact on the dogwalk, back cross landing side of #14, pull to the weaves, front cross to #18 and #19  32.68

    16073 Marvel Shetland Sheepdog Joel Lavalley hard and fast run so far, another running dogwalk, front cross before A-frame, another one before the weaves, great tight turn, knocked the last bar!  32.92

    16063 Jimmy Dean Shetland Sheepdog Nancy Kleinhans pushing out to tunnel, pulling back with a front cross, went wide prior to A-frame, early front cross to weaves and he misses the first weave 36.05

    16072 Decaff Jack Russell Terrier Susan Garrett refusal at the jump after the tunnel (#5), missed the dogwalk down contact, big lateral send 35.06

    16023 Dylan Rat Terrier Angie Benacquisto front crossing before the dogwalk, missed the downside of the A-frame, crowd doesn't like that call 32.78

    16080 Luka Pyrenean Shepherd Ashley Deacon wide turn through the 180 before the dogwalk, he likes a late, abrupt front cross 32.47

1 Sizzle
2 Luka
3 Skye
4 Wave
5 Rock-it
6 Hemi
7 Bode
8 Dylan


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