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One Sentence Tips

Agility wisdom from trainers and competitors.

We asked the agility community to submit one-sentence, 20-words-or-less tips to share with USDAA competitors.  Here are some of their submissions.  Subscribers will read the rest of the tips over the coming week.

Try for at least 44 in Snooker; if time expires or last 7 is faulted, you still Q with 37.
Marquand Cheek
Moorpark, California

On course, the focus and energy you give your dog will be returned in kind; stay connected.
Kit Erskine
Craftsbury, Vermont

You don't need equipment to train; practice contacts on stairs, stays before meals or going outside, "get outs" around furniture...
Elizabeth Hamrick
San Pedro, California

When in doubt, back chain!
Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts

Under stress, dogs will revert to conditioned behaviors more reliably than they will avoid behaviors for which they've been punished.
Marsha Houston
Marietta (Watertown), Ohio

Dogs don't speak our language but a smile is universal; smile at your dog and reap fabulous results!
Chris Beck
Scotia, New York

Work each position in a show to better understand how trials run.
Maureen Scheall
Lancaster, California

Our dogs are with us for such a short time so make every run a happy one.
Kathleen Schaefer
Huntington Station, New York

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