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The latest Regional Champions named at The Bay Team event.

In order to facilitate more efficiency, the Grand Prix Semifinal round was judged by two different judges; Mark Wirant took the mini class and Performance while Scott Chamberlain presided over the open dogs.

Grand Prix (66 dogs with 22 byes)
Open - 200 yds, 54 seconds
26" (11 dogs, 5 byes)
Regional Champion:  C. Fosty with BC, Icon, 34.65 secs.
22" (31 dogs, 15 byes available, 6 byes earned)
Regional Champion:  N. Gyes with BC, Mace, 33.66 secs.
16" - 194 yds, 58 seconds (17 dogs, 8 byes)
Regional Champion:  A. Deacon with PyrShep, Luka, 34.03 secs
12" - 194 yds, 65 seconds (7 dogs, 3 byes)
Regional Champion:  G. Louganis with JRT, Dobby, 40.67 secs

Performance Grand Prix (48 dogs, 24 byes)
Open Dogs - 200 yds, 57 seconds
22" (10 dogs, 5 byes)
Regional Champion:  S. Rogers with BC, Ty, 36.24 secs
16" (20 dogs, 10 byes)
Regional Champion:  K. James with BC, Disco, 34.48 secs
12" (14 dogs, 7 byes)
Regional Champion:  D. Fujimura with SS, Piper, 37.77 secs
8" (4 dogs, 2 byes)
Regional Champion:  G. Louganis with JRT, Nipper, 42.83 secs

Judge Sharon Wirant's Round 1 course whittled the field of 173 to 65 dogs advancing to Round 2 in the Steeplechase Regional.  Scott Chamberlain was the lone judge for Round 2 with the following results:

26" - 35 competing in round 1
Four dogs earned byes into the Championship semifinals with C. Fosty and her BC, Icon taking first place with a score of 27.82.
22" - 93 competing in round 1
Ten dogs earned byes into the Championship semifinals with J. Basic and BC, Sweep, taking top honors with a score of 26.55.
16" - 27 competing in round 1
Eight dogs earned byes with J. Pinder with Allbreed, Taser, winning with a score of 26.16.
12" - 12 competing in round 1
Five dogs will be eligible to compete in the Semfinal round at the World Games with S. Rogers and JRT, Quill, scoring 31.04 to end up in first place.

Congratulations to everyone for their successes.  One regional remains - on to Colorado!


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