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Talking with Cynosport World Games Judge Martin Gadsby

Martin Gadsby is back to judge his third Cynosports Games in a row. By Brenna Fender

Photo by Lisa Brownschidle

Martin has been doing agility for 14 years and judging for the last seven.  He and his wife, Lisa Brownschidle, are currently competing with two Shetland Sheepdogs and a Jack Russell terrier, although Martin's previous dog was a Malinois. In his "day job" he has worked in the research branch of agriculture in Canada for over 20 years. He has been involved in the fruit breeding programs and has specialized in the preservation of fruit crops.  His hobbies are ballroom dancing and cooking.

Brenna Fender: You're gearing up to judge your third Cynosport World Games.  Do you think your experience will be different this time?

Martin Gadsby: I hope it is no different than the previous two years since both of those years were fantastic and I don't want that to change.
BF: It's been a year since we talked to you here on How have things been going for you? Any new accomplishments or major developments?

MG: Can't think of anything. [Read our previous interviews with Judge Gadsby here and here.]
BF: Tell us a little about the dogs you are currently training and competing with.

MG: My wife and I have four dogs right now:

  • Chloe, a JRT [Jack Russell Terrier], who is 15 and been retired from agility for several years but she still loves to swim.
  • Sisko, an eight-year-old Sheltie, still needs Gambles for his ADCH but he is now #1 in Top 10 points for 22" Shelties in Snooker.
  • Diesel, a seven-year-old Sheltie and full brother of Sisko.
  • Scruff, a two year old JRT who just started to compete in agility this summer and has started off very well.

BF: Last year you told us that a new Malinois puppy was going to be coming your way in late 2009. How is that coming along?

MG: The breeding is hopefully going to happen this winter so a new puppy will be in the house in the new year.
BF: Have you developed any new hobbies or ways to keep yourself busy when you are off the agility course?

MG: Nothing new.
BF: What suggestions do you have for competitors at this year's Cynosport World Games?

MG: Enjoy every run with your dog, even if your runs don't go the way you had planned.

Brenna Fender is the editor for the USDAA's subscriber services portion of the website.  She is also a freelance writer, wife, and parent of two dogs and two children.  Please contact Brenna at with comments, questions, or submissions.


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