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Just Who is that Woman on my New Titling Certificate?

When competitors began receiving their new titling certificates, there were many questions; and this article was spawned from posts on the USDAA Sounding Board. Compiled by Elaine Coupe and Caroline Hanson.

"In a continuing review of things we do at USDAA, we felt it was time to put a fresh look on our certificates," said USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch. "The same high quality paper stock is being used, but instead of a corporate logo screened into the background, the certificate now includes a foil-stamped USDAA logo along with an artist's portrayal of a Grecian Goddess with a stalk of wheat and dog of ancient origin that combine to symbolize victory and the historic connection between humans and dogs."

Continuing, Tatsch added, "In no better way is a spirit of competition portrayed than through the Olympics, which is Greek in its origin. In creating a design for a medallion for the World Cynosport? Games, we originally considered a portrayal of Nike, the winged goddess of victory, but no emblem of the goddess could be found that was deemed suitable and something about the headless sculpture did not work. Instead, we opted to favor an image of companionship between a Grecian goddess and a dog, ancient in origin. The artist's rendition of our concept was used on the medallions at last year's championships in Scottsdale, and it made sense to work with the same portrayal of companionship, ancient in its origin, for the certificates."

Whether you like or dislike the new title certificate design, you had to love the recent posts to the USDAA Sounding Board where posters had fun naming the goddess and her dog. Read more on the USDAA Sounding Board or Log-In to read one subscriber's poem - The Agility Fairy Tale....and meet Qualifia, Obstaclees and other Greek Gods & Goddesses of dog agility.


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