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Rickie Roo Gets Tips for the Upcoming Games

Our canine reporter interviews Letti, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a long and successful Cynosports history.

Rickie Roo here - roving reporter for the 2009 Cynosport World Games.

In an attempt to get some last minute tips for the Games, I have contacted Letti, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi who runs with handler Shelley Permann. Letti is a very experienced dog and since this is my first year competing at the Games, I thought she might be able to give me some helpful hints.

Rickie Roo (RR): Letti, I've heard you won something really big at the games last year. What was that?

Letti (L): 2008 -- Finalist in all three tournaments; DAM team, Steeplechase, and Grand Prix.  Third place in the GP, fourth place in the Steeplechase.  Mom was very worried cuz my rescue big brother chomped me the night before the Steeplechase finals so I had to run all the Finals with tooth punctures in my side.  But I did great! The left turns off the A-frame stung a bit, but we had fun in all of 'em!
2007-- Finalist Steeplechase (won), Finalist GP
2006-- Finalist Steeplechase, Finalist GP
2005-- 1st place semi-finalist GP, injured on run; did not complete at the Nationals post-injury
2004-- Finalist Steeplechase (spectacular E, hehehe), Finalist GP (3rd)

I started agility in late 2003.
RR: Did you find the courses from last year's Games to be very challenging for your Corgi style of running, or was it a breeze?

L: The judges do a good job mixing up the challenges; some courses are more about running; others are much more technical with lots of twists and turns.
RR: What are you doing this week to prep for the Games? [Editor's note: This interview took place last week]

L: Our usual weekly practice along with a good hill hike earlier in the week.  A tune-up session with Rachel Sanders/Jen Pinder on Saturday.  Then short agility competition on Sunday where Mom will push it.
RR: What is your favorite thing about the Cynosport Games?

L: Seeing all the great dogs, the excitement in the air, and running with Mom on course.
RR: Can you share some advice for a first-time Cynosport competitor like me?

L: Go, watch as much as you can (that huge catalog will help), and have fun.  Don't forgot to drink plenty of water...

RR: Thank You Letti!

Letti photo by Terry Curtiss, Rickie Roo photo courtesy of author.

Bur-Way It's Like This "Rickie Roo" is a two-year-old Rat Terrier who will be competing in Cynosports agility for the first time (PVP). She is loved and handled by Deborah Davidson Harpur of Harbor City, California. She earns her kibble as canine ambassador for the Active Care line of dog food by Breeder's Choice and for


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