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Angie Benacquisto's Dylan and Duncan!

I caught up with two of my favorite agility pals, Rat Terrier Dylan and Toy Fox Terrier Duncan, who live in Macomb Township, Michigan, with handler Angie Benacquisto. My plan was to get more information about the USDAA Cynosports World Games.

Rickie Roo: I've heard you have had some really fun times at the Cynosports games. Was there a specific year or course that is most memorable to each of you?

Dylan:  Last year was our first year at Cynosports and we had a great time.  I even got to run in a few finals. 

Rickie Roo: You were totally awesome, Dylan. I was in the stands cheering you on! How about you Duncan?

Duncan: My team placed fifth in DAM last year;  that was pretty cool!

Rickie Roo: What are your favorite classes to run?

Dylan:  I love all of them - especially Standard and Grand Prix

Duncan: Jumpers and Snooker

Rickie Roo: Does your handler have to run differently with each of you? What does she have to do make you be the best you can be?

Dylan: I need to be run very seriously.

Duncan: I run to just have fun.

Rickie Roo: What do you do if you think either you or your handler has made an error on course?

Both: Keep going and try to remain focused.

Rickie Roo: Do you get jealous when your mom runs your sibling?

Dylan: Not so much.

Duncan:  I don't like my sister to have fun without me.

Rickie Roo: What is your reward for a really great run?

Duncan: A bully stick.

Dylan: My ball and a bully stick!

Rickie Roo: Do you have any last minute advice for other dogs like me who are new to the Games?

Both: Have fun and take advantage of the opportunity to watch a lot of great dogs run.

Dylan (left) and Duncan smile for the camera. Photo by Angie Benacquisto.

Bur-Way It's Like This "Rickie Roo" is a two-year-old Rat Terrier who will be competing in Cynosports agility for the first time (PVP). She is loved and handled by Deborah Davidson Harpur of Harbor City, California. She earns her kibble as canine ambassador for the Active Care line of dog food by Breeder's Choice and for


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