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The live raw feed is finished for the day but will return tomorrow. Please be aware that there will be occasional interruptions as we update and modify our services in preparation for this weekend's big events. 

The raw feed is simply a single, unattended camera that may or may not include audio. It serves two purposes: it allows us to modify and improve the services that will be offered for a fee later in the weekend and it provides competitors the chance to see some of the action here at the Games.

The custom data feed is only available for the live streaming of championship events on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The custom feed will include dog and handler name, time, faults, and more.

If you have a problem viewing, subscribing, or purchasing services, please email with details about your problem and include your phone number in case we need it for a response.

The next class in the main ring that will appear on the live feed begins Friday morning at approximately 9am. Check back tomorrow for more agility action!


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