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PLAY-BY-PLAY: Performance Grand Prix Finals

Read it as it happened.

P08030/ Max/ Miniature Schnauzer/ Sue Roeder speedy 44.05

P08005/ Parkir/ Lhasa Apso/ Sue Roeder speedier! 41.79

1 Parkir 2 Max


P12045/ Tess/ Shetland Sheepdog/ Kathi Kikuyama 44.52 clean

P12005/ Tawny/ Border Terrier/ Barry Powell 48.50 missed weave pole entry, 5 faults

P12060/ Rebound/ Rat Terrrier/ Tracy Sklenar Almost misted the first tunnel! Tracy was pushing hard. 42.38

P12025/ Taz/ Affenpinscher/ Sharon Rafferty Moving fast, missed down on dogwalk 39.54

P12047/ Millie/ Shetland Sheepdog/ Gayle Anderson Clean 39.17

P12013/ Bodee/ Poodle (Miniature)/ Marti Fuquay Had his own cheering section, flying through weaves and kicking up grass on

the turn 37.68

P12027/ Rocky/ Shetland Sheepdog/ Debbie Strieter Smooth run 35.94

P12040/ Chase/ Shetland Sheepdog/ Deborah McBride Refusal at #3, went off course to A-frame instead of teeter, recovered and

finished well 44.27

P12057/ Spec/ Sheltland Sheepdog/ Jean Lavalley Wicked weaves - dog is FLYING 33.03

P16101/ Spryte/ Border Collie/ Elise Paffrath nice turns in opening pinwheel, popped out of weaves, spin out of chute, missed

down dogwalk, 42.22

P16058/ Demo/ Shetland Sheepdog/ Elizabeth Blanchard Crowd is cheering and dog is responding. 33.72

P16068/ Sterling/ Border Collie/ Gerry Brown Slipped over #3 but recovered, Gerry is pushing, 33.30

P16060/ Squeeky/ Border Collie/ Jubie Rueschenberg Run by jump after tire 36.96

P16074/ Sassy/ Border Collie/ Sue Marshall handler is really driving big time 32.59

P16004/ Qwik/ Border Collie/ Stuart Mah nice pinwheel, pushing into tunnel and through the weaves, nice turn to dogwalk 32.18

P16026/ Parti/ Border Collie/ Anne Johnson front cross before and after the A-frame, nice turn to dogwalk 33.82

P16102/ Wren/ Border Collie/ Kim Seiter Almost an off course to A-frame but Kim saved it 32.94

P16093/ Vixen/ Border Collie/ Shannon Miller refusal at #4 and problems at #10, off course to A-frame recovered for strong finish 41.33

P16109/ Disco/ Border Collie/ Kim James fast and smooth, Kim and Disco are moving 30.45

P16113/ Quick/ Border Collie/ Kate Moureaux sliding teeter, driving for finish 32.07

P16076/ Maggie/ Australian Cattle Dog/ Crystal McClernon Barking on the course big time, the crowd loves them, Maggie is motoring, missed down contact 31.12

1 Disco 2 Quick 3 Qwik


P22045/ MarTini/ Giant Schnauzer/ Kellie Verrell Kellie is working it and encouraging Martini on, missed the down on the dogwalk 42.95

P22058/ Max/ Australian Shepherd/ Karen Taucher smooth 39.29

P22002/ Apollo/ Boxer/ Channan Frosty ran with the dog from the start, worked a tight turn to the dogwalk, missed the down on the dogwalk 39.48

P22057/ Pyro/ Belgian Malinois/ Lisa Dewey Dog didn't read the pinwheel, off course after jump 4, recovered well 38.75

P22065/ Spotty/ Border Collie/ Nancy Ross Nancy taking a long lead out, pulling the dog around the turn, driving down the

dogwalk 36.98

P22055/ Detour/ Border Collie/ Cherie Whittenberg Wide turn after 4, missed down on the A-frame, dropped the bar after the

teeter, so fast 35.76

P22035/ Able/ Border Collie/ Stacey Peardot-Goudy Ran by the jump before the teeter, fixed it and went on, dropped the bar

before the dogwalk 40.83

P22025/ Fizz/ Border Collie/ Mary Ellen Barry dropped first bar, missed down contact on the A-frame (FLEW over the A-frame!),

Fizz is growling in her excitement! 34.65

P22027/ Riggs/ Border Collie/ Elizabeth Armstrong Elizabeth is working it, the crowd is cheering her on 33.85

P22046/ Rusty/ Australian Shepard/ Naci Berkoz Looked at chute, kept going but ran by dogwalk! Oh no! 40.41

P22010/ Dewley/ Border Collie/ Patty Drom Off course in the pinwheel, fast, 34.59

1 Riggs  2 Spotty  3 Max


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