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Saturday, November 14, 2009
Steeplechase Finals

12": 8 competitors

12012 Duncan Toy Fox Terrier Angie Benacquisto    My goodness he's fast! Nice weave entries, big jump jumper for a little dog, front cross ending 36.02

12041 Winnie Pembroke Welsh Corgi Darlene Paul    fast weaver, cross behind chute, great weaves at 14 too, front cross at closing 34.67

12003 Rion Pembroke Welsh Corgi Kotoko Yonezawa    Amazing run, incredible weaves, oh no, off course at the end! ARG!

12008 Letti Cardigan Welsh Corgi Shelley Permann    great running, oh no, missed the chute and off course at jump, great finish 39.36

12015 Copine Shetland Sheepdog Suzanne Labrie    fast little good, good straight line to chute, great 14 weave entry front cross bottom of A-frame and in closing 32.81

12017 Whim Jack Russell Terrier Katherine Elliott    Didn't hold her start stay, small and fast, straight smooth line to chute, front closs in the closing, oh no, missed the jump after the A-frame! off course 32.35

12004 Masher Papillon Daneen Fox    young dog, just 3, very fast, push out to chute, nice 14 weave entry, front cross after A-frame 32.00

12043 Devo Papillon Marcus Topps  Kim Sisak's dog, cross behind at chute, running well, front cross after A-frame and again in closing 31.42


3 Cobine 2 Asher 1 Devo

16": 12 competitors

16030 Hemi Pyrenean Shepherd Elizabeth Evans    Darn, bar down at start, otherwise good 32.84

16005 Jaguar Poodle (Miniature) Takayuki Suzuki    oh, tipped long jump, otherwise smooth, fast dog, 34.16 five faults

16038 Jimmy Dean Shetland Sheepdog Nancy Kleinhans    dog on her right, straight into weaves, didn't push out to chute and off course, darn, recovered well but running conservatively 37.69

16069 Taser All Breed Jen Pinder    leads out to two, conservative opening whoa, almost didn't make the front cross before the jump before the chute, running well, front cross closing 30.86

16033 Petey Jack Russell Terrier Katherine Elliott    handling opening off left, oh no, refusal led to off course before 14 weaves, recovered and ran well 39.27

16029 Sizzle Shetland Sheepdog Karen Holik    handler is pushing, great smooth to chute, front cross bottom of A-frame, oh, missed A-frame down contact 33.44

16007 Wave Shetland Sheepdog Marcy Mantell    has dog off right for opening, oh, rats, handler gets too far ahead after tunnel, wave missed jump, has off course 42.84

16011 Dylan Rat Terrier Angie Benacquisto    not much lead out, dog off right, smooth running, wow, this is great! pushing, front cross bottom of A-frame and in closing 31.29

16054 Mickle Shetland Sheepdog Maureen Waldron    weave off right, front cross at jump before chute, rear cross chute, great 14 entry, 32.44 

16084 Maple All Breed Yukari Amano    Holy cow! Wildly FAST! ohhhh off course at the tunnel before the chute. Oh, extra tunnels everywhere! Handler laughing at finish, and so are we. GREAT, fun dog! 39.88

16017 Luka Pyrenean Shepherd Ashley Deacon    cross behind weaves, front cross before the chute!!! driving and getting ahead of luka, PERFECT 30.54

16078 Smitten Border Collie Melanie Miller  Dog dancing around at start, leding out to jump two, bobble before the second tunnel but saved, fast! great weaves at 14, 31.30


3  Dylan 2 Taser 1  Luka

22": 20 competitors

22072 Kiba Border Collie Rosanne DeMascio    nice run, serpentine closing 32.30

22002 Zachary Border Collie Denise Thomas    smooth run, five fault penalty for something in the jumps before 14 weaves 32.70

22006 Jet Border Collie Pati Mah    Lead out a little with dog on right, Pati way out in front on weaves, nice 14 weave entry, rear cross and serpentine closing 32.24

22183 Ace Border Collie Nancy Gyes    running in front of dog on weaves to show to tunnel, fast and pushing it, aggressive, front crossing at down on A-frame 31.12

22034 Sweep Border Collie Jim Basic    husband of Nancy, he's got a tough act to follow, nice push out to chute, got so far ahead, managed approach to 14, 31.75

22112 Driven Border Collie Kate Moureaux    similar handling style to previous couple of dogs but front crossed the closing 32.24

22062 Grit Border Collie Monica Bush   dog weaving onright, handler fell while dog was in the tunnel, got up without a prob but had another stumble at the chute which resulted in a major bobble. Smooth finish 36.42 

22081 Dilly Border Collie Amanda Shyne  bar down after second tunnel, weave 14 bobble, rear cross after A-frame, nice finish37.02 

22228 Pyro Border Collie Rhonda Carter    push way out to chute, everyone is front crossing into the weaves, missed 14 weave entry 34.91

22266 Zing Border Collie Gabrielle Blackburn    nice push to chute, zing is flying, lots of cheers for them, hangs back more but works for her, holy cow, what a run, the crowd is WILD! 30.86

22289 Streak Border Collie Diane Sanders    front cross off the A-frame 32.14

22195 Wally Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy    nice start, weaves off left, nice send to chute and tight 180, 31.29

22073 Rage Border Collie Stephanie Spyr    sort of zig zag opening, making up time, bumped each other at weaves, front cross closing 32.63

22242 Blaze Border Collie Brian Wiegand    handler is driving, bar down in 180 before weaves, front cross in closing 31.24

22137 Juice Border Collie Marcus Topps    The crowd is wild for Juice, Marcus is pushing for his second win, tight turn to weaves, rear cross in closing 30.86

22001 Maja Border Collie Silvina Bruera    blind crosses in the tunnel-jump-tunnel area, 14 weave entry missed, front cross on A-frame 34.24

22193 Sybil Border Collie Mark Bowerman    First bar down, handler is handling well, FELL at 14 weaves AND THE DOG HIT IT ANYWAY! 31.54

22030 Super Border Collie Linda Mecklenburg    OH no, dog ran around jump 2 when Linda led out, missed chute as well, Linda is still working it well, good finish 41.59

22261 Revolution Border Collie Tori Self    Aggressive, fast, tremendous 14 weave entry, what a run! 30.19

22029 Cassidy Border Collie Diana Wilson  missed the first weave entry, then bar down and missed chute but team recovers for very, very nice closing 36.35


3 Ace  2 Juice  1 Revolution

26": 12 competitors

26075 Player Border Collie Susan Heckelman    bar down, dog is moving smoothly, front cross to closing 35.42 plus five faults

26026 Scorch Border Collie Joleen Eizember    Oh no, bobbled at the second tunnel and got an off course, front cross before A-frame, nice finish 39.26

26111 Lin Border Collie Takami Ono    Handler slipped a bit, no problems though, whoaaa dog collected majorly at the 180, going well, nice serpentine closing 34.59

26051 Lochlan Border Collie Kris Seiter    handler drives through weaves, oh, wrong tunnel entrance on the second tunnel, major bobble at end, two off-courses 37.09

26027 Scream Border Collie Ann Braue    gets ahead of dog on weaves off left, smooth run so far, sending... front cross at down on A-frame... uh oh, timer problem... clock didn't stop at proper time. hold on here... Reviewing the video time code. 33.85 Ruled it as 32.00

26072 Slick Border Collie Lisa Marie Bowers    Leads out to poles, collects in, oh, ran around long jump and into weaves so off course, handler is keeping cool, nice finish 41.96

26039 Solar Border Collie Daisy Peel    Missed the first weave entry, this dog is only two years old, bar down before chute, he's fast and enthusiastic, missed 14 weave entry, front cross bottom of A-frame 37.35

26080 Wings Belgian Tervuren Robert Michalski    WOWOWOW! What a great run! Crazy #14 weave entry, just awesome 31.44

26061 BreeSea Border Collie Elicia Calhoun    Run is going well but a whistle was blown, missed 14 weave entry, nice finish 35.20

26050 Jive Border Collie Carrie Jones    confident lead out to weaves, nice push out to chute, tight turn around 180 but missed weave entry, 35.50

26001 Icon Border Collie Channan Fosty    bobble at second tunnel but kept it going, tight 180, gong well, front cross before A-frame, front cross through finish nice run 32.21

26031 Spark Border Collie Doreen Stadtlander  weaves on right, nice push out to chute, FLYING, super collection at weaves missed down contact 31.96


3 Icon 2 Scream 1 Wings


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