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Cynosport Games 2009 Video on Demand Review

What will you get if you purchase the Games videos on demand? By Brenna Fender

As reported here, the Performance Grand Prix, Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships, Performance Speed Jumping Finals, and $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase are available on demand for purchase now. But if you buy, what will you get?

Because of differences in course design, weather conditions, technical factors, and other issues over the weekend, each tournament video is slightly different. But some things are common to all videos:

  • You will hear/see the name of each dog and handler, and in most cases you will hear where they are from.
  • The course map is available for reference just below the video on every run.
  • Time and faults (if incurred) are noted onscreen.
  • Multiple cameras are used and the events are well lit, so all parts of nearly every run are clearly visible.
  • You can easily rewind or fast forward within each video.
  • Information on the top three placements in each class are printed onscreen at the end of each jump height.
  • The "time to beat" is shown when appropriate so you can keep track of whether the dog/handler team that you are watching might take over first place.

The videos have been edited from the live webcast of the event, so you'll hear commentary by Julie Daniels, Kenneth Tatsch, and other guest commentators. Commentary is not available on the Performance Speed Jumping Finals. You can hear crowd noise, the announcer, and the handlers on the PSJ Finals, just no commentary. It's actually a lot like being there.

While agility competitors tend to favor wide shots over close ones, I personally think that the multiple cameras work well on these videos. Probably the closest shots are on the Steeplechase videos, but even so, I was able to see more on the video than I did at the event itself from my seat in the ring, particularly in terms of handling.

If you are interested in the event at all, I think the videos are worth buying. They are reasonably priced, in my opinion, for what you get.

You can purchase all four tournaments for 30 or 90 day periods, or you can buy individual tournaments or even single jump height classes within each tournament. Visit video services to purchase. If you are a subscriber, be sure to log in first so that you will get the subscriber's discount.


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