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The latest in USDAA news.

As usually, things have been busy at USDAA. A few of our recent projects have been:

*Finalizing hotels for the Cynosport Games. The host hotel is setting up a Web site so that competitors can make reservations for the event. When that is ready, we'll announce the site name and the Web site URL so that you can get your plans in order.

*Making plans for RVs at the Games. We are in the process of finalizing our RV agreement. Info on RV reservations and hookups will be released as soon as it is available.

*Revising the scoring policy. We are in the final stages of creating our policy statement on electronic scoring. The basic requirements include the following points -

1. Scores must be required to be posted ringside before the scribe sheet leaves the ring so that competitors may review their scores and query the judge as soon as possible if necessary following the round.

2. Because of new record retention policies that will be published at a later date, any score not reviewed by a competitor may not be challenged following the event. Though the retention policy will be phased in, it is advisable that competitors begin now to get used to checking their scores at the event before leaving.
3. Packets including paper-based Reporting Booklets should be on hand at any event should a back-up system is needed.

4. Ring posting sheets (i.e. accumulators score sheets) must still be submitted with the final electronic ERBs, along with scribe sheets and other materials.

Those planning to use electronic scoring should be sure that they are using the most updated version of the Verelli software that is made for use with USDAA events. Updating your software now will reduce delays in using the scoring once it is allowed.  It will officially be permitted starting the first weekend in March.

If you have any questions about USDAA updates, please contact Brenna Fender at Thanks!


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