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Grand Prix and Performance National Standard Finalists named; Also, log in to the Subscriber Services area news page and read "Lewis & Clark Discover the Tribes of Agility", an article submitted by the group on their event.

NWRC SemifinalistFrank Holik presided over the running of the third of six North American Regional competitions.

Open Dogs: 190 yds, 53 seconds
16" Height: 188 yds, 56 seconds
12" Height: 186 yds, 64 seconds

12" - 4 (2)
K. SisakPhoebe38.430NWRC Finalist
A. PlattCharley39.000NWRC Semifinalist
16" - 15 (8)
B. DavisRock-It35.460NWRC Finalist
N. KleinhansJimmy Dean36.720NWRC Semifinalist
B. DavisPistol38.130NWRC Semifinalist
B. DavisShimmer37.895NWRC Semifinalist
J. MerrillLeo41.540NWRC Semifinalist
M. StrenfelJitters39.945NWRC Semifinalist
T. McClungTsunami39.725NWRC Semifinalist
T. DemierreTripper44.525NWRC Semifinalist
22" - 39 (20)
K. MoureauxDriven33.640MWRC Finalist
D. BerkleyRicki33.700NWRC Semifinalist
L. DeweyRush33.730NWRC Semifinalist
N. GyesWicked34.405NWRC Semifinalist
K. MahanFionn36.960NWRC Semifinalist
L. DodgeMick39.020NWRC Semifinalist
K. MoureauxQuick34.510NWRC Semifinalist
S. LoefflerKelly36.000NWRC Semifinalist
S. PerryLacey35.250NWRC Semifinalist
S. MillerVixen34.990NWRC Semifinalist
D. HattonIzzy38.130NWRC Semifinalist
R. RogersJoplin34.235NWRC Semifinalist
L. HolladayKahula34.115NWRC Semifinalist
E. RobertsonRen39.030NWRC Semifinalist
S. PerryHarley35.570NWRC Semifinalist
D. GrubelTahoe39.830NWRC Semifinalist
S. JonesAyr36.330NWRC Semifinalist
S. RushMaddie37.200NWRC Semifinalist
S. RogersBrink33.780NWRC Semifinalist
S. RowanStrike38.220NWRC Semifinalist
26" - 19 (10)
F. YangFlash34.070NWRC Finalist
L. BowersSlick34.440NWRC Semifinalist
A. CroftTrigger34.850NWRC Semifinalist
O. ChaikoLuz35.600NWRC Semifinalist
S. MahQwik35.740NWRC Semifinalist
M. RobertSoja36.090NWRC Semifinalist
L. BowersDiva36.600NWRC Semifinalist
T. GoldenBlew35.805NWRC Semifinalist
S. CochranAiko33.765NWRC Semifinalist

Performance competitors had an additional three seconds for each jump height.
Open: 56 seconds
12": 59 seconds
8": 64 seconds

8" - 6 (3)
P. KentalaSurfer44.700NWRC Finalist
K. SisakJasper46.490NWRC Semifinalist
K. JamesChip38.605NWRC Semifinalist
12" - 5 (3)
P. PierceOslo36.420NWRC Finalist
D. SkvorakTillie43.170NWRC Semifinalist
A. CentersMindy40.345NWRC Semifinalist
16" - 11 (6)
R. RogersBronte46.020NWRC Finalist
L. JonesBetsy46.500NWRC Semifinalist
P. PoindexterMax52.650NWRC Semifinalist
J. KitelingerSadie45.385NWRC Semifinalist
E. RobertsonRusty49.095NWRC Semifinalist
22" - 11 (6)
J. BasicSwift37.200NWRC Finalist
C. HillMariah37.860NWRC Semifinalist
J. FortnyJamacia40.290NWRC Semifinalist
C. GaiserWog40.690NWRC Semifinalist
B. BrandtRusty56.12.12NWRC Semifinalist
C. LloraEmily41.845NWRC Semifinalist

Congratulations to all finalists and semifinalists.


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