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Talking with... Daneen Fox

The next in a series of interviews with USDAA IFCS World Agility Championship team members. By Brenna Fender

The 2010 World Agility Championships are fast approaching. USDAA will send a terrific team to Clevedon, North Sommerset in the United Kingdom for the event that runs from May 14-16 at the Hand Equestrian Centre. Team members include Angie Benacquisto with Duncan and Dylan, Daneen Fox and Masher, Janelle Julyan and Eve, Rhonda Koeske and Tack, Elise Lynch and Ting, Kate Moureaux and Driven, Stephanie Spyr and Rage, Rosanne DeMascio and Drifter, Dudley Fontaine and Maverick, Ann Zarr and Skylar, Suzanne Wesley and Sonic, and coach Stacy Peardot-Goudy. To celebrate our team, we are doing periodic interviews with team members.

Daneen Fox is the owner of Daneen's Mobile Grooming and Dog Boarding. She enjoys herding, rally, dock dog, conformation, and living on her ranch in Acton, California. In addition to her Papillon World Team partner Masher, Daneen owns Masher's son, one-and-a-half-year-old Grinder, and a Border Collie named Zip that is an AKC and ASCA herding champion. Zip was the top Border Collie dock dog in the US in 2005. He has Rally Advanced titles and an AKC MX and MXJ in agility.

Brenna Fender (BF): How did your friends and family react to you making the IFCS team?

Daneen Fox (DF): They were extremely excited for me. I would like to thank all my agility friends and family that have been so supportive both emotionally and financially in helping make this dream turn into a reality.

BF: Will a friend or family member travel with you to the event?

DF: My partner Julie will be traveling with us and my aunt and sister are flying in to watch the competition.

BF: What is your goal for this year's event?

DF: To be where I need to be, to trust my dog, and most of all, have fun running my little dog.

BF: How would you describe your emotions as the event draws closer?

DF: Really nervous/excited in a good sort of way.

BF: What is your greatest concern about the trip to the UK for the event?

DF: Getting my dog in and out of the UK

BF: What do you think will be the most difficult part of the competition itself?

DF: So far, I am doubting that anything will be more stressful that getting a dog into the UK!  Certain aspects of the European courses that we rarely see and train for here in the states such as threadles, back sides of jumps, etcetera might be more difficult [for us] than for people that train and trial these type of courses regularly.

BF: What do you expect to be fairly easy or smooth?

DF: This will be my first time on a world team so I am not really sure, but I do know the world stops when I am running my dog.
BF: Masher is certainly one of the smallest dogs that will be entered at this event. How does that affect him (and you)?

DF: He doesn't think he is small.  Shhh...and don't tell him he is small!

BF: What adaptations have you made in training and trialing because of his size?

DF: Masher really runs like a big dog.

BF: Any other comments?

DF: I am just thrilled and beyond excited to be on the World Team representing the United States with Masher. Making the World Team was one of the goals I had with Masher's mother, Shredder, who I lost at the age of three-and-a-half from a rattlesnake bite. Being invited with her son is bittersweet.

Brenna Fender is the editor for the USDAA's subscriber services portion of the website.  She is also a freelance writer, wife, and parent of two dogs and two children.  Please contact Brenna at with comments, questions, or submissions.

Photos by Marty Barrett, Photography by M.


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