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Updated 8/6/03 with Steeplechase & Team Results

The second of six regional championships was held over the Fourth of July in Englewood, Colorado. Judge Tim Verrelli's Round 2 course provided challenges to those dog/handler teams making it through Round 1 with seven or fewer faults. For the 12" and 16" height classes the course distance was 170 yards. The 12" height class had a standard course time of 58 seconds. Experiencing a Rocky Mountain high in first place was Kimberly Sisak and her Papillon, Jasper, who turned in a clean run in 48.95 seconds. Also running clean and earning 2nd place was Jan Enck's Lowchen, Alley with a time of 50.66 seconds. Jackie McCourtie's JRT, TJ, turned in a blazing time of 37.00 seconds, but incurred 5 faults to earn the third place slot. Representing the 16" height class in the November finals from this regional will be David Robson and his sheltie, Robbie. David and Robbie had a clean round in 34.12 seconds. With only 6 dogs advancing to Round 2, three dogs were eligible for semifinalist spots. Second and third were Kelly McNab and sheltie Casey with a clear round in 37.53 seconds and Debbie Spece with sheltie Boomer also with a clear round in 43.17 seconds respectively.

The 22" and 26" height classes shared a 178-yard course with a 49-second SCT. Placing first in the 22" height class was Linda Kipp and BC Jessie with a fault-less time of 30.75 seconds. Just fractions of a second behind them were Ken Fairchild and BC Echo with a time of 30.96 seconds and 0 faults. Close behind in third was Awesome handled by Linda Mecklenburg. This team turned in a clear round in 31.09 seconds. It took a clear round to be counted in the remaining semifinalists in the 22" class: T. Smith/ACD/ Karoo/46.47; N. Lende/GR/Meg'n/41.72; K. Wells/BC/Dory/37.18; J. Faulkner/AUS/Gracie/38.87; J. Gerhard/AUS/Spyder/36.65. Earning their place in 26" class in the finals in November are BC, Coty, owned by Jean Raymos and handled by Greg Leal who turned in a clear round in 35.45 seconds; 2nd place went to Ruth Trowbridge and Belgian Tervuren Talitha who also ran clean in 38.99 seconds; 3rd place was earned by Jan DeShera and her BC Gael with a time of 36.14 and 5 faults. Earning a semifinalist spot was J. Gerhard and Dodger who also incurred 5 faults while completing their run in 44.90 seconds. For complete details, click here.

Congratulations to all who earned their place in the sun in Colorado.


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