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USDAA Gets a New Look

As we enter the summer competition season, look for USDAA's new logo to appear on an award near you!

USDAA is in the process of phasing in its new logo, developed through input from competitors, spectators, and marketing consultants. The logo features the progression of a weaving dog (without the poles) over a crescent depicting the surface of the globe, with new stylized letter of the USDAA acronym. In printed form, the dogs are gradient color implying motion, while in solid color form, it appears as three dogs in three different positions while weaving.

The new logo has just been added to USDAA's Yahoo Groups and is being introduced on awards this summer. We have notified the major ribbon manufacturers of the logo change, so they may appear on ribbons and rosettes as early as June 1. Web site graphics will incorporate the new logo in the summer.

We recognize that many clubs have rosettes printed in bulk and may have stock that will carry them for several events. The new logo should be phased in as soon as is practical.

Group Organizers should refer to the more detailed post in the Event Organizers Yahoo Group for more information. If you are an event organizer and not part of the USDAA Event Organizers group, please let us know and we will get you added to this group. Visit the Group News page in the Group Services area regularly for updates and announcements.


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