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Rocky Mountain Regional Results (UPDATED)

Wasatch Agility hosts fun and well-run event.

This was Wasatch Agility's first time to host a Regional Championships and club members did a great job! Competitors were treated to a home-made dinner and great hospitality. The event, which took place in Farmington, Utah, was judged by Tom Kula and Lisa Jarvis.

Congratulations to the following competitors who won byes into the semifinals at the Cynosport World Games:

Grand Prix (Round 1-46 dogs/15 Qualifiers)
               (Round 2-35 dogs/10 Semifinalists)

12" (1 semifinalist)

Regional Champion - S. Permann & CWC Letti

16" (2 semifinalists)

Regional Champion - K. Elliott & JRT Petey

22" (5 semifinalists)

Regional Champion - M. Bowerman & BC Sybil

26" (2 semifinalists)

Regional Champion - J. Aitken & BC Brody

Performance Grand Prix (Round 1-24 dogs/6 Qualifiers)
                                 (Round 2-23 dogs/7 Semifinalists)
8" (1 semifinalist)
Regional Champion - R. Osiol & MALT Rudy

12" (2 semifinalists)
Regional Champion - A. Green & SS Hunter

16" (3 semifinalists)
Regional Champion - A. Gersman & BC Mr. Wriggles

22" (2 semifinalists)
Regional Champion - D. Davidson-Harpur & AB Magi

Placing in the top 50% of the finalists and earning a qualifying score at a Regional result in a bye to the Semifinals in the Grand Prix and Performance Grand Prix at the Cynosport World Games.

Steeplechase (Round 1-55 dogs competing, 28 qualified)

12" (0 semifinalists)

16" (4 semifinalists)

First Place - K. Elliott & JRT Petey
Second Place - D. Crary-Johnson & AUS Icy
Third Place - P. Bates & SS Miles

22" (6 semifinalists)

First Place - L. Blasio & BC Deuce
Second Place - M. Bowerman & BC Sybil
Third Place - M. Wagoner-Perry & BC Summit

26" (3 semifinalists)

First Place - D. Peel & BC Solar
Second Place - S. Peardot-Goudy & BC Maze
Third Place - L. Zurborg & CLD Gumbo

In Steeplechase, placing within 15% of the average of the top three scores in the Regional advance to the Semifinals.

Congratulations to the winners of the Performance Speed Jumping local qualifier:


First Place - Russ Osiol & Maltese Rudy


First Place - Thomas Rebb & SS Nic
Second Place - Chris Hill & SS Megan 
Third Place - Deborah Davidson-Harpur & RAT Gigi


First Place - Crystal McClernon & ACD Maggie  
Second Place - Jubie Rueschenberg & BC Squeeky
Third Place - Gosia Skowron & BC Grommit 


First Place Susan Cochran & BC Aiko
Second Place Naci Berkoz & AS Rusty 
Third Place Norman Lende & GOLD Tar'n

In 2011, PSJ classes at Regionals will also be Regional qualifiers resulting in byes into the Cynosport World Games semifinals.

Congratulations to all semifinalists and qualifiers!

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