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Northeast Regional Results

Trial secretary Helen McNenly reports on this exciting event, which was streamed live all weekend!

There were 534 dogs and 326 different handlers, some making up 70 Dog Agility Masters teams and 40 Performance Versatility Pairs, that competed at the Northeast Regional hosted by Paws in Motion this weekend at Dream Park in Logan Township, New Jersey.  Over 4,700 runs were held in three rings over four days, with handlers coming from all over, including Bermuda, Quebec, Ontario, California, Florida, and Oklahoma (as well as nearby states). Things ran very smoothly, even though it was a large event.

Tim Laubach, Sheri Boone, and Scott Chamberlain were our Masters judges.  Maureen Sullivan judged Starters/Advanced along with Scott and Sherri each judging Starters/Advanced Standard on two different days.  Janet Gauntt also attended as a judge of record to do measuring. 

The weather was pretty good for the entire trial, with it getting a bit warm on Sunday.  No matter, though, because the site was indoors on packed dirt at a horse facility.  Competitors could rent approximately 10' x 10' stalls (with electricity) just outside the rings.  There was also both an indoor arena and an outdoor ring available for off-leash exercising of the dogs. 

Final placements include:

Steeplechase, judged by Scott Chamberlain (held Saturday night)

1st   Robbie (Border Collie) & Ali Canova   30.83
2nd   Rusty (Border Collie) & James Nashad   32.37
3rd   Dapper (Border Collie) & Lyn Kahn    33.76

1st   Drifter (Border Collie) & Roseanne DeMascio   29.71
2nd   Ting (Border Collie) & Elise Lynch    30.66
3rd   Silver (Border Collie) & Tracy Hirsch   31.49

1st   Taser (mix) & Jen Pinder   29.87
2nd   Rush (Shetland Sheepdog) & John Nys    30.47
3rd   Scud (Shetland Sheepdog) & Lucie Dessureault   31.06

1st    Zip (Jack Russell) & Ivette White    33.74
2nd   Copine (Shetland Sheepdog) & Suzanne Labrie   33.78
3rd    Matthew (Shetland Sheepdog) & Karen Gaydos    35.35

Performance Speed Jumping (also judged by Scott Chamberlain)

1st    Bart (Border Collie) & Sylvia King    31.40
2nd   Josh (Border Collie) & Ann Koenig   31.85
3rd    Fable (Border Collie) & Rachel Sanders   31.86

1st    Isis (Border Collie) & Maureen Burke   32.51
2nd    Dia (Australian Shepherd) & Sally Josselyn   33.00
3rd    Kiba (Border Collie) & Roseanne DeMascio   33.74

1st    Blink (Shetland Sheepdog) & John Nys    33.33
2nd    Zoey (Miniature Schnauzer) & Mark Caron   33.79
3rd    Cheers! (Cocker Spaniel) & Jessica Ajoux    35.17

1st    Morgan (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Donna Brown   36.45
2nd    Tobi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Darlene Paul   39.78
3rd     Panda Bear (Papillon) & Linda Womer   42.49

The Grand Prix and Performance Grand Prix, held Sunday night, were judged by Sheri Boone.  The very last dog to run in the trial ended up winning the 26" Grand Prix!

Performance Grand Prix

8"      175 yards, 60 SCT 
1st     Tobi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Darlene Paul   40.12
2nd    Saige (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Donna Sims  41.58
3rd     Morgan (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) & Donna Brown   42.53

12"     175 yards, 56 SCT
1st     Sparkle (Sheltland Sheepdog) & Patti Gagnon   34.57
2nd     Blink (Sheltland Sheepdog) & John Nys   36.48
3rd     Sydney (Sheltland Sheepdog) & Barbara Bicksler  37.36

16"     181 yards, 53 SCT
1st     Kiba (Border Collie) & Roseanne DeMascio   33.15
2nd    Whisper (mix) & Kathryn Stein   33.88
3rd     Smart As (Border Collie) & Paulena Hope   34.31

22"    181 yards, 53 SCT
1st    Jive (Border Collie) & Carrie Jones   33.11
2nd   Chai (Australian Shepherd) & Michelle Beardsley  35.31
3rd    Josh (Border Collie) & Ann Koenig  35.42

Grand Prix

12"    175 yards, 59 SCT
1st    Copine (Shetland Sheepdog) & Suzanne Labrie  36.59
2nd    Duncan (Toy Fox Terrier) & Angie Benacquisto  38.99
3rd    Zorro (Papillon) & Linda Womer   39.82

16"     175 yards, 53 SCT
1st     Rush (Shetland Sheepdog) & John Nys   32.37
2nd    Dylan (Rat Terrier) & Angie Benacquisto   32.77
3rd     Scud (Shetland Sheepdog) & Lucie Dessureault   34.47

22"     181 yards, 50 SCT
1st     Drifter (Border Collie) & Roseanne DeMascio  31.45
2nd     Zella (Border Collie) & Lauren Mitchell  32.01
3rd     Zippity (Border Collie) & Denise Thomas  32.69

26"     181 yards, 50 SCT
1st     Rapture (Border Collie) & Leigh Peper   32.99
2nd     Whip (Border Collie) & Sue Tovino   34.12
3rd      Risk (Border Collie) & Rosie Sutherland   34.29

Forty Performance Versatility Pairs and 70 Teams competed over three days under judges Tim Laubach, Sheri Boone, and Scott Chamberlain.  Relay was held Sunday morning, judged by Scott Chamberlain.

Performance Versatility Pairs, 40 Pairs, 19 qualified.  The top three pairs going into the relay maintained their positions.

1st Two Flash Smart As's    889.14 points
The Flash (Border Collie) 16" & Frank Yang
Smart As (Border Collie) 16" & Paulena Hope

2nd Awesome Rivalry   866.59
Stellar (Border Collie) 16" & Linda Mecklenburg
Fizz (Border Collie) 16" & Mary Ellen Barry

3rd  Sounds of Silence   857.35
Dia (Australian Shepherd) 16" & Sally Josselyn
Cali (Australian Shepherd) 22" & Susan Kraus

Dog Agility Masters Team, 70 Teams, 44 qualified.  The top two teams going into the relay maintained their positions, with the fourth place team taking third.

1st  Flying Under The Radar   1294.54
Mickle (Shetland Sheepdog) 16" & Maureen Waldron
Taser (mix) 16" & Jen Pinder
Yankee (Border Collie) 26" & Terri Arnold

2nd  Munchie Zipping Under The Radar     1262.46
Zip (Jack Russell Terrier) 12" & Ivette White
Radar (Toy Poodle) 12" & Susan Gross
Munchie (Jack Russell Terrier) 12" & Jeanette Hutchison

3rd  Earth, Wind & Fire    1248.75
Raef (Border Collie) 22" & Noreen Scelzo
Toby (Border Collie) 22" & Lauren Mitchell
Sally Ride (Border Collie) 22" & Lisanne Major

Congratulations to the winning handlers, dogs, pairs, and teams! And thank you Paws in Motion for hosting a great Regional.

Helen McNenly has been involved in agility since November 1997 when she started lessons at Keystone Agility Club with her seven-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed dog, Princess. She currently runs a 10-and-a-half-year-old rescue Border Collie, Luce, who earned her APD in May of 2009, and Blaze, a four-year-old rescue Border Collie mix currently competing at the Advanced and Masters level. Helen started as a USDAA trial secretary in February 2006 and now represents a number of clubs in the Mid Atlantic area. Her website is


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