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A report from the most recent Regional, by trial secretary Karey Krauter.

Everyone wishes they had been in California last weekend!  On the central coast, the ocean fog refreshed our dogs' mornings and evenings, the milky way stars were inspiringly visible on the one not-foggy night, and the sunshine warmed us to a perfect high of 75 degrees every day. 

In the nine years The Bay Team has hosted the Southwest Regional Championships (three of those years at this Prunedale site), this year's event has to rank as the one with the best conditions ever.  We also had the best music all weekend and the best baked-right-on-site soapstone-oven-cooked pizza and roasted veggies for dinner for our competitors on Sunday night  (including chocolaty melty "S'more Pizza" for desert).  The new rubber contacts and 24" weave poles were a hit too!   And our judges were smiling and laughing all weekend, teasing and thrilling us with spicy courses (see the Team Snooker course by Les Sanders at the end of the article). What more could an agility-lover ask for?  With the most of the west coast taking a breather from the pressure of having the Cynosport World Games nearby, and the mood was on-holiday and relaxed. 

There were 331 dogs entered, with 227 handlers and 2913 runs (including round 2 of Steeplechase and Grand Prix). There were 42 Championship teams and 30 Performance teams.  Our judges were Tom Kula, Les Sanders, Evelyn Robertson, Karen Gloor, and Michelle DuBois.  We ran five rings on the first day, four rings the following two days, and dedicated each afternoon to the flagship classes that we all come to see our own do their best in: Dog Agility Masters Team/Performance Versatility Pairs Relay Saturday afternoon, Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping finals Sunday afternoon, and Grand Prix of Dog Agility/Performance Grand Prix finals Monday afternoon.  Each run was more exhilarating and amazing than the next as the bar was raised for each competitor; all of the dogs showed us why they were contenders to be the best in the west.  We even got to award a couple big titles: Kate Wheelock and Australian Cattle Dog Willie earned their APD, Sandy Zajkowski and Border Collie Chip earned their ADCH, and Donna Highstreet and Australian Shepherd Star
earned their ADCH with handler Dave Grubel handling them to their final Snooker Super Q.

Team Tournament Placements:

1. "These Ponies Have A Rider" - Susan Cochran and Border Collie (BC) Rider, Laura Jones and BC Kep, Channan Fosty and BC Icon.
2. "Higher!  Higher!" - Olga Chaiko and BC Yankee, Susan Humphrey and BC Jinn, Naci Berkoz and BC Will.
3. "Screaming For Some Tail" - Liza Buckner and Australian Shepherd Taiko, Donna Highstreet and Australian Shepherd Rubi, Dave Grubel and BC Killy.

PVP Tournament Placements:

1 "Riding Heath with Chaps" - Terri LeClair and BC Heath, Jean Danver and Australian Shepherd Chaps.
2 "Perf-ected" - Jim Basic and BC Spy, Kevin Normoyle and BC Jill.
3 "Cooper/Wickett" - Whitney Grant and Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cooper, Nicole Rudy and PW Corgi Wickett

Steeplechase finals placements:

1. Daneen Fox and Papillon Masher, 29.42
2. Janet Dunn and Papillon Tantrum, 30.56
3. Shelley Perman and Cardigan Welsh Corgi Letti, 38.56

1. Ashley Deacon and Pyrenean Shepherd Luka, 28.70
2. Kevin Brown and sheltland Sheepdog Hunter, 32.34
3. Shirley Russell and Poodle Harlie, 35.73

1. Diana Wilson and BC Cassidy, 28.85
2. Moe Strenfel and BC Kyla, 29.23
3. Christine Leslie and BC Cadence, 31.22

1. Rob Michalski and Belgian Tervuren Wings, 30.73 (2009 Steeplechase National Champion at 26")
2. Laurie Zurborg and Catahoula Leopard Dog Gumbo, 31.89
3. Georgia Demetre and BC Turi, 31.95

Performance Speed Jumping finals placements:

1. Whitney Grant and PW Corgi Cooper, 36.64
2. Nicole Rudy and PW Corgi Wickett, 41.45
3. Beth Carlsen and Pomeranian Lexi, 42.51

1. Marcia Walters and Parson Russell Terrier Xena, 37.06
2. Linda Samson and Rat Terrier Lexi, 39.05
3. Clair Lofthouse and Shetland Sheepdog Rugby, 39.43

1. Sue Rush and Australian Shepherd Maddie, 31.98
2. Debbie Chun and Labrador Retriever Shadow, 34.17
3. Judy Turner and BC Suite, 38.07

1. Kathy Lofthouse and BC Daz, 30.77
2. Diane Baley and Labrador Retriever Gidget, 32.47
3. Jean Danver and Australian Shepherd Chaps, 34.10

Grand Prix finals placements:

1. Janet Dunn and Papillon Tantrum, 35.81
2. June Bodgan and Bichon Frise Chloe, 65.56 (3.56 faults)
3. Jackie Gruendyke and Corgi Stevie, 45.85 (5 faults)

1. Ashley Deacon and Pyrenean Shepherd Luka, 32.64
2. Jodi Thurman and Mini Aussie Bailey, 40.77
3. Aljean Harmetz and Shetland Sheepdog Jason, 47.13

1. Nancy Gyes and BC Ace, 34.75
2. Christine Leslie and BC Cadence, 35.33
3. Kathy Wendt and BC Flirt, 35.93

1. Channan Fosty and BC Icon, 32.79
2. Rob Michalski and Belgian Tervuren Wings, 35.35
3. Olga Chaiko and BC Yankee, 33.60 (5 faults)

Performance Grand Prix finals placements:

1. Whitney Grant and PW Corgi Cooper, 41.49
2. Nicole Rudy and PW Corgi Wickett, 47.17
3. Raymond Jang and Pomeranian Tater, 55.5

1. Linda Samson and Rat Terrier Lexi, 48.16
2. Jill Thorpe and All-Breed Pip, 50.98
3. Clair Lofthouse and Shetland Sheepdog Rugby, 51.80

1. Sue Loeffler and All-Breed Kelly, 35.23
2. Terri LeClair and BC Heath, 36.91
3. Kathleen Alles and BC Annie, 37.05

1. Kathy Lofthouse and BC Daz, 36.92
2. Naci Berkoz and Australian Shepherd Rusty, 37.74
3. Debbie Chun and Labrador Retriever Shadow, 40.59

Karey Krauter competes with her three Border Collies, and lives and breathes Regional trial secretarying.


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