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Want to go but don't know what to do with your dog? Read on! (DEADLINE SOON!)

USDAA has arranged to provide security for the kenneling pavilion on Wednesday evening for those who wish to leave their dogs while attending the special evening at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum.  We will issue "pick-up permits" to any competitors attending the special function who wish to leave their dogs kenneled on the show premises for the evening.  Security will require submission of the pick-up permit in order to know who is permitted to return and pick up a dog (or dogs).  Each dog must be listed on the permit.  There is no charge for the pick-up permit, but we must have it so that security knows that the person has permission to enter the building after lockdown and how many dogs they are permitted to take out. 

Please sign up at check-in if you wish to leave your dog(s) for Wednesday night.  There will be no advance signups; just register at check-in to get the special release form that you will need to remove a dog from the building Wednesday night.

Because we are making this offer of security at the facility, anyone who would now like to attend the event and has not signed up may still do so. We must have a reservation with fee delivered to the office no later than Friday, October 1.  You can fax your reservation with credit card info to:  (972) 231-9700.  Please use the credit card form included as part of the test schedule, which may be downloaded at event calendar (direct link:


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