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North Central Regional Report

Tom Kula shares a review of the last Regional event in the 2010 tournament season.

There were in excess of 250 dogs entered in the North Central Regional this year.  The event was hosted by Canine Combustion and took place in Rochester Hills, Michigan. 

At check-in time on Friday, it was a beautiful autumn day in the midwest. Temperature was in the mid-50s and it was cloudy with a slight breeze.  This was perfect agility weather.  Our judges were Tim Laubach, Rafael Quinones, and Scott Lovelis.  The rings were set and after a little confusion with the whole "group" thing, we were running by 9am. 

This show was the last of the Regionals, and is close to where the 2010 Cynosport World Games is being held next month (is it only a month away?!).  For many, this was the last opportunity to qualify for Cynosport.  The running order provided a unique opportunity for Grand Prix.  Friday a local qualifier was held and Saturday was Round 1 of the Regional Grand Prix.  Teams with no GP qualifiers could, in theory, get both of them this weekend.  Those chasing their second Q had two opportunities, and some competitors traveled a long way for that chance. As I cruised through the parking lot, I saw license plates from Ontario, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, Minnesota, and even Washington State.

Friday went off without a hitch.   Saturday started off like Friday, only a bit sunnier, but on the horizon rain approached.  We managed to get the second round of Steeplechase completed before the rain.  Unfortunately, about the time the GP Regional started, so did the rain.  A steady shower came down in the afternoon and continued for the duration of the GP.  While the rain was mild and there were no winds to speak of, many with byes pulled their dogs. 

For the Team Relay and GP finals on Sunday, competitors couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was sunny and brisk in the morning, and warmed to the mid-70s.  Agility outdoors - it was great!

When it was over, there were a few ADCH and APD ribbons given away, and lots of GP qualifying scores.  Many who came out chasing their last minute hopes to qualify for Cynosport had their efforts rewarded.  Thanks to all who attended and pitched in to help.  See you in Louisville!


Grand Prix Finals


1 Crackers & Andy Mueller

2 Duncan & Angie Benacquisto

3 Chaos & Betsy Lynch


1 Fun & Kayl McCann

2 Remy & Rosemary Nero

3 Annie & Karen Sollars


1 Zing & Gabrielle Blackburn

2 Slyce & Kayl McCann

3 Ronin & Jeremy Gerhard


1 Maverick & Dudley Fontaine

2 Scream & Ann Braue

3 Presto & Terry Smorch

Performance Grand Prix Finals

1 Spot & Jeff Poling

1 Sierra & Laura Fearn

2 Salsa & Susan Crank

3 Whip & Stacey Beck


1 Visa & Timothy Vojtech

2 Blast & Ronda Carter

3 Brownie & Timothy Vojtech


1 True & Jennifer Denereaz

2 Lani & Debbie McPhee

3 True & Grace Anne Cooper
Steeplechase Finals


1 Wonder & Linda Mecklenberg

2 Maverick & Dudley Fontaine

3 Presto & Terry Smorch

1 Encore & Susan Garrett

2 E-Z & Mary Ellen Barry

3 Gator & Lori Mueller


1 Fun & Kayl McCann

2 Flyr & Kirstie Dean

3 Tack & Rhonda Koeske

1 Crackers & Andy Mueller

2 Mikey & Beth Rogers

3 Chaos & Betsy Lynch

Performance Speed Jumping Finals


1 Fantom & Sonja Davis

2 Sam & Angie Dotson

3 True & Jennifer Denereaz


1 Spy & Nadine Schramm

2 Kit Kat & Loretta Vojtech

3 Visa & Time Vojtech


1 Tori & Beth Rogers

2 Splash & Tammi Stone


1 Spot & Jeff Poling


Team Overall

1 No Recess for Feature & Presto

      Recess & Kim Cullen

      Presto & Terry Smorch

      Feature & Susan Garrett

2 Run in the Right Direction

      Finesse & Lisa Kucharski

      Wonder & Linda Mecklenburg

      Xtreme & Jennifer Crank

3 Hot Tamales

      Gator & Loretta Mueller

      Jet & Diane Sanders

      Pyro & Ronda Carter

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall

1 Awesome Rivalry

      Stellar & Linda Mecklenberg

      Fizz & Mary Ellen Barry

2 Keegan and True

      Keegan & Laura Elkins

      True & Jennifer Denereaz

3 Born to Run Forever

      Splash & Tammi Stone

      Spy & Nadine Schramm 
Tom Kula has been involved with agility since 1998.  He has been judging since 2000, is on the board of directors, and this year he is the co-chair for the Cynosport World Games.  Tom owns three Jack Russell Terriers: Chewbacca, Trinity, and Han Solo.  When he is not doing agility, he works for HP as a solution architect.  Contact Tom at


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