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Raising awareness about our sport is part of the plan at every Cynosport Games. By Deborah Davidson-Harpur and Brenna Fender

The 2010 Cynosport World Games unofficially started off with some super fast paced agility...agility demos, that is! Channel 3 WAVE3 Listens is a live show in the Louisville area and they spent from 10-11am Tuesday morning with agility competitors and dogs. 
The dogs were divided into small and large dog groups. There were about eight small dogs, including a Corgi, a Poodle, Rat Terriers, and some low-jumping Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. The large dog group was a bit larger and included mixed breeds, a Golden Retriever, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, and lots of herding dogs. The dog/handler teams had to run short sequences over and over for eight minutes straight! Some dogs ran six or eight times in just one of the filmings and there were multiple segments. What a fun way to start the day!
Thursday morning also started with demos for another local TV show. Handlers ran a few short segments as public relations representative Annie DeChance was interviewed during several live TV segments. Thank you to the handlers and other volunteers who helped us promote our favorite sport!

Photo by Robert Moray.

Deborah Davidson Harpur has been active in dog agility since 1998. Before that she raced karts, was a nationally ranked driver, and was a writer/editor of Karter News Magazine, a national publication.  Since her move from racing on the track to running different breeds of dogs on the agility course, she and her dogs have really embraced all that agility offers. More about her team at

Brenna Fender is the editor for the USDAA's subscriber services portion of the website.  She is also a freelance writer, wife, and parent of two dogs, two rabbits, and two children.  Please contact Brenna at with comments, questions, or submissions.


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