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Course analysis, photos, and results. By Annie DeChance, photos by Karen Moureaux

The Performance Speed Jumping and Steeplechase Finals course was a fun design for both large and small dogs.  There was plenty of opportunity for the dogs to open up and run but it still required some technical handling skills to run clean.

The first four obstacles were handled basically the same by all handlers.  Some handlers chose to front cross after #4 to line up the dogs better for the #5 weave poles.  This also provided a better push past the off-course entrance to the #6 tunnel.  Whether the handlers front crossed or stayed on the right side of the weaves, a majority of the dogs made a wide turn from #4 to #5.  Only one dog in both Performance and Championship classes took the off-course #13 double.

A few challenges appeared after the #6 tunnel.  A few dogs back-jumped the #9 jump coming out of the tunnel and a few others ran by the #7 jump.  A couple of other dogs ran past the long jump as well. Only a few dogs took the off course #6/#17 tunnel after the #9 jump to the A-frame and it happened regardless of whether the handler was on the dog's left or right side. For both classes, there were only two down A-frame contacts faults and one up contact fault.

The trickiest part of the course proved to be the #11-#12-#13 jump sequence.  The majority of dogs made a wide turn after #11, whether the handler made a front cross or not.  This created a zig-zag pattern for the dogs to complete #12 and #13.  A few of the larger dogs ran past either #12 or #13 because of this. In the 26" class, three handlers turned their dogs to the outside of the #11 jump.  This made for a nice straight line to the #12 and #13 jumps but did require more yardage to complete the sequence.

Jumps #14 to #16 into the #17 tunnel really let the dogs open up and run.  There were only a couple of knocked bars in this area.

A few dogs had problems in the second set of weaves with missed entrances or popping out towards the end.  Most handlers stayed on the inside of the weaves and front crossed for the last two jumps.  

This was a fun, fast, and technical course and it proved to be one of the most fun and exciting Performance Speed Jumping and Steeplechase course finals in recent years.

Performance Speed Jumping Championships 


8" Class Results   
1st Janelle Julyan & Eve 37.86 seconds
2nd Kathy Wilson & Furby 41.17 seconds
3rd Virginia Besthoff & Ruby 41.54 seconds

12" Class Results   
1st Joan Meyer & Neil 34.21 seconds
2nd Lori Michaels & Skye 35.84 seconds
3rd Patti Gagnon & Sparkle 36.07 seconds

16" Class Results   
1st Marcus Topps & Juice 32.63 seconds
2nd Kate Moureaux & Driven 33.99 seconds
3rd Loretta  Vojetch & Kit Kat 34.28 seconds

22" Class Results   
1st Claudia Bates & Kestrel 34.71 seconds
2nd Heather Kaluza & Derby 35.38 seconds
3rd Carrie Jones & Jive 35.63 seconds
$10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase® Championships

12" Class Results   
1st Daneen Fox & Masher 33.69 seconds
2nd Megan Foster & Tommy 34.68 seconds
3rd Mike Padgett  & Kona 35.88 seconds

16" Class Results   
1st Ashley Deacon & Luka 31.62 seconds
2nd Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee 32.28 seconds
3rd John Nys & Rush 32.69 seconds

22" Class Results   
1st Lauren Mitchell & Zack 32.32 seconds
2nd Kim Terrill & Steeple 32.54 seconds
3rd Mary Ellen Barry & Maizy 32.71 seconds

26" Class Results   
1st Susan Garrett & Feature 32.76 seconds
2nd Ann Braue & Scream 33.38 seconds
3rd Channan Fosty & Icon 33.62 seconds

Annie DeChance lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has competed with mixed breed dogs adopted from local shelters for the last 15 years.


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