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Course analysis, results, and photos. By Brenna Fender. Photos by Karen Moureaux

This course had a few notable areas that caused many faults, but the rest of it ran smoothly.

Here is a breakdown of the trouble spots:

The opening

Most dogs and handlers completed obstacles #1-#3 correctly, but there were some dogs that fell for the off-course A-frame and even a few who took the #14 chute. Handlers couldn't rush that section and assume that their dogs would know which obstacle to take.

The #7/#12 tunnel

This tunnel was the source of more errors on the course than any other area. Many dogs took the #6 jump at an angle, aiming them directly toward the #12 tunnel opening rather than at the #7 end. Some dogs even carried out and took the #1 jump, missing the tunnel altogether. Many of the handlers that avoided these errors did a front cross between #6 and #7, redirecting their dog to the correct tunnel opening.

When approaching the same tunnel to take the #12 opening, several dogs took the #7 side instead. In some of these cases, the dog was ahead of the handler when exiting the dogwalk. These dogs may have been aware of their handlers behind them on their left, pulling them toward the #7 opening.

The closing

The last portion of the course caused fewer problems than in our "tunnel trouble" area, but there were several dropped bars in this section and at least one dog missed the #19 jump.

The closing was handled a number of different ways. Some handlers front crossed between #14 and #15 or between #15 and #16. Others rear crossed between #16 and #17 instead.

Overall, many dogs faulted on this course because of simple foundation errors: missed contacts. The dogwalk and A-frame were taken at blazing speed, sometimes with unfortunate faults. Some dogs exited the seesaw early, earning flyoff faults as well.

The course, judged by Dave Grubel, was fun to watch and led to some breathtaking runs by the winners. The crowd seemed to really love watching it!

Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championships results:

12" Class    
1st Daneen Fox & Masher 0 faults/33.27 seconds
2nd Janet Dunn & Tantrum 0 faults/34.89 seconds
3rd Ivette White & Zip 0 faults/37.96 seconds


16" Class    
1st John Nys & Rush 0 faults/32.43 seconds
2nd Angie Benacquisto & Dylan 0 faults/32.61 seconds
3rd Jen Pinder & Taser 0 faults/33.02 seconds

22" Class    
1st Susan Garrett & Encore 0 faults/30.72 seconds
2nd Roseanne DeMascio & Drifter 0 faults/32.13 seconds
3rd Mary Ellen Barry & Maizy 0 faults/32.32 seconds

26" Class    
1st Daisy Peel & Solar 0 faults/31.42 seconds
2nd Linda Mecklenburg & Wonder 0 faults/32.05 seconds
3rd Terry Smorch & Presto 0 faults/32.19 seconds

Brenna Fender is the editor for the USDAA's subscriber services portion of the website.  She is also a freelance writer, wife, and parent of two dogs, two rabbits, and two children.  Please contact Brenna at with comments, questions, or submissions.


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