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Classes have been completed.

By Brenna Fender and Monica Percival, Clean Run


These classes have been completed. The same course was run for the Championship Time Gamble class and the Performance Time Gamble class.

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This is a unique class designed to get the handlers and dogs tuned into each other for performance. The course is comprised of a collection of obstacles, including a variety of jumps and hurdles, at least two contact obstacles, pipe tunnel, collapsed tunnel, and weave poles. A course will contain between eight and 12 obstacles set out in a pattern of the judge's choice.

Handlers walk the course and estimate how long they will take to complete the course successfully. They then must register their planned course time with the scribe before the start of the class. Any fault penalties incurred will be added to the actual course time. The dog/handler with actual time (after adjustment for faults) closest to their predetermined estimate will be the winner.


Time plus faults scoring rules apply, except that refusals shall not apply and the value of course faults shall be three points instead of five.


Course Designer

Course designed by the judging panel.


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