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Spring Festival of Dog Agility Winners in Pictures

See the winners of this cross-country event, and placement winners from the Mid-Atlantic Showcase as well!

On April 8-10, 2011, clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region worked together to offer The Mid-Atlantic Showcase in a three-day event. At the same time, Dog Gone Fun in Texas offered its own version of the trial, culminating with competitors in both locations running head-to-head across many miles, competing for prizes and bragging rights. The combined event was called Spring Festival of Dog Agility®, and the Mid-Atlantic portion was livestreamed and enjoyed by USDAA competitors everywhere (poor internet access at the site kept Dog Gone Fun from live streaming).

The tournament was made up of three classes in an individual triathlon event, where points were accumulated from Team/Performance Versatility Standard and Jumping classes, finishing with a third Standard run each for the Championship and Performance finals. Courses were set identically in both locations and scores were combined to determine the overall winners in each program.

This year, the overall winners all came from the Mid-Atlantic region. Congratulations to all!

The photos below show the overall winners (in the middle) and then the second and third place winners from the Mid-Atlantic Showcase portion of the event.

Performance Triathlon 8"

2nd - Tobi/Darlene Paul
1st - Java/Deb Savo (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival P 8" Triathlon)
3rd - Katie/Sandi Shilling-Daniels

Performance Triathlon 12"

2nd - Splash/Tammi Stone
1st - Dasher/Ivette White (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival P-12" Triathlon)
3rd - Beau/Lynn Sigman

Performance Triathlon 16"

2nd - Kiba/Rosanne DeMascio
1st - Ty/Judith Kolva (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival P-16" Triathlon)
3rd - Spy/Nadine Schramm

Performance Triathlon 22"

2nd - Strider/Julie Luckraft
1st - Josh/Ann Koenig (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival P-22" Triathlon)

Championship Triathlon 12"

1st - Tiki/Monique Plinck (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival C-12" Triathlon)

Championship Triathlon 16"

2nd - Mickle/Maureen Waldron
1st - Fun/Kayl McCann  (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival C-16" Triathlon)
3rd - Riot/Karen Gaydos

Championship Triathlon 22"

2nd - Rumble/Jeannette Hutchison
1st - Drifter/Rosanne DeMascio (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival C-22" Triathlon)
3rd - Brice/Katie Leisey

Championship Triathlon 26"

2nd - Whip/Sue Tovino
1st - Feature/Susan Garrett (Overall Winner 2011 Spring Festival C-26" Triathlon)
3rd - Psi/Ashley Anderson

See courses and other results from the event on the USDAA news page here, just scroll down.

All photos courtesy of Rich Knecht.


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