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By Brenna Fender and Monica Percival, Clean Run


The same course was used for the Dog Agility Masters? International Three-Dog Team Championship Gamblers class and the Performance Versatility Pairs Gamblers class.

613 handlers are competing in Team Standard and 142 in Versatility Pairs Standard.

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The Team and Versatility Pairs Gamblers course is running under modified Gamblers rules. In the opening, points are accumulated per normal Gamblers regulations. In the closing, there are two options: handlers may do jump-tunnel-jump or jump-spread-jump as many times as possible in the time allotted. Dogs must complete the finish jump before time is up or lose all the points earned in the closing.

In the closing the gamble jumps, marked G on the course map, are worth two points, the tunnel is worth three points, and the spread is worth five points. So handlers choosing the jump-spread option will be scored as 2-5-2-5 and so on, and those choosing to do jump-tunnel will earn 2-3-2-3 until the handler moves to the finish jump. There is no distance challenge in this gamble.

Pre-Run Comments from Competitors

Jean Andrew is running her Jack Russell Terrier, Zane, in the 12" class. She says the course "has got some smooth lines to be able to get to the gamble. There's nothing too choppy. It's interesting, part of the gamble is having the choice of doing jump-spread-jump or jump-tunnel-jump. I'm opting to do the one with the tunnel because the spread has an off-course jump that's right there."

Virginian Martine Britell is happy to be running the Gamblers course today with her Shetland Sheepdog, Lucky. She says, "My initial impression is that it's a nice way to end your team experience because it's got some nice places to open and run and let the dogs be successful, but it's also a thinking course."

Course Analysis

This Gamblers game is very different than the one played at trials all year long. New Yorker Judy Reilly says, "The time is not what we're used to -- 24 seconds for open dogs in the opening. We're not used to knowing what we can do in that amount of time." Reilly, who ran the course with her Border collies, Brody and Sony, noticed that people are getting caught unexpectedly far away from the gamble area when the whistle blows. "Then they are being too conservative in the closing because they don't want to lose their points."

Jim Mills, an Arizona resident who ran the course with his two Border Collies, Ranger and Echo, wasn't too affected by the differences in the rules. "Because I've played in the sport for so long, it really didn't matter, but other people have been saying that they played this one game all year long and like some other venues, they get to the Nationals and they throw some new game in there. Some people really didn't grasp it," he says.


Course Design

Course designed by judging panel.


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